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Tridosha launches non-touch guided meditation treatment

By Mark Smith

By Mark Smith

24 February 2021

Ayurvedic wellbeing expert Tridosha has launched a new touch-free Spa Guided Meditation Treatment for businesses preparing for reopening post-lockdown.

The new programme is designed to benefit both mind and body, stimulating the immune system and boosting health through the power of the mind and deep relaxation.

The guided experience can be customised to suit the needs of the spa, and to meet the individual requirements of  guests.

Training consists of an online course taught over a three-day, 12-hour programme. Hosted by Tridosha founder and meditation teacher Sunita Passi and her team of experts, spa therapists will learn how to deliver basic self-care techniques to clients without the need for hands-on therapy.

“By offering this new non-touch spa treatment, we are providing the chance to unplug from the world and enjoy natural processes of healing within a meditative experience following government guidelines.”

Sunita Passi

Founder, Tridosha

The five Tridosha meditation techniques


Tridosha’s guided meditations are individually tailored using the following techniques:



Being 100% present and giving full attention, the therapist provides a safe space for the client to let go, be held and surrender their mind and body.



Whole-body movements stimulate the release of blocked and stagnant energy (prana) to allow restoration, loosen tense muscles and connect with the body.



Assist clients through a stimulating and immune-boosting Salt Foot Bath. This cleanses the energy channels of the entire body, which are mapped out on the sole of the foot. Open up and clear energy through marma therapy.



A full belly breath through the nose activates the parasympathetic nervous system, slows the heart rate, reduces blood pressure and restores balance. Helping clients to understand the difference between deep breathing is integral.



Guiding the client through progressive muscle relaxation helps to release tension reducing anxiety in a controlled manner.


Be calm...

For more information on the guided meditation course and the full product and treatment services from Tridosha, click below


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