Spending on wellness is strongly associated with greater longevity and happiness, says Global Wellness Institute

New research into individuals' wellness spending bolsters the case for wellness policy


By Mark Smith

04 November 2022

The Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI) new research reveals that for every roughly $800 annual increase in wellness expenditures per person, happiness levels increase 7 per cent and life expectancy increases by 1.26 years.

The findings are said to bolster the case for wellness policy, the subject of GWI’s groundbreaking new report “Defining Wellness Policy”, which is the first research to define and argue why wellness is the missing policy lens so required for the present moment.

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“As we dived into this research, it quickly became obvious that health and wellness should be embedded in the priorities for all policymaking.”

Katherine Johnston

GWI senior research fellow

Ground-breaking research

The report is said to be the first research to define wellness policy and make a compelling, evidence-based argument as to why it’s needed at all levels of government.

To identify the relationship between wellness spending, happiness levels and health outcomes, GWI researchers partnered with Dr. Shun Wang, a key author and statistician of the World Happiness Report. Utilising data from the GWI’s wellness economy reports in more than 200 markets, it also analysed data from Gallup’s World Poll (for global happiness measurements) and the World Bank (for national life expectancy and income levels) adjusted for wealth levels and population size.

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“We believe that wellness policy is crucial for bringing the benefits of wellness to everyone, especially to those who cannot pay for it or who face barriers to living a healthy lifestyle.”

Ophelia Yeung

GWI senior research fellow

Wellness policy toolkits

The research, unveiled at the Global Wellness Summit, now being held in Tel Aviv, sets the stage for a series of Wellness Policy Toolkits to be released in 2023, which will provide governments, non-profits, communities and businesses a roadmap on how to take action in seven domains of wellness policy: physical activity, healthy eating, mental wellness, traditional/complementary medicine, wellness in the built environment, wellness at work and wellness in tourism.

Download your free copy of the report HERE.

Be well...

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