BBC StoryWorks launches 'In Pursuit of Wellness: The Art and Science of Living Well' at GWS 2022

By Mark Smith

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has presented the global launch of “In Pursuit of Wellness: The Art & Science of Living Well”, a new digital series produced by BBC StoryWorks at the Global Wellness Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The ground-breaking series produced for the GWI addresses the multi-faceted wellness movement in a series of films and articles. It asks what true wellness is, exploring a range of ancient traditions and modern innovations, and the science underpinning them.

Simon Shelley, vice-president, BBC StoryWorks, at Global Wellness Summit

In Pursuit of Wellness

Simon Shelley, vice-president of BBC Programme Partnerships, and Vlada Tusco, senior partnerships manager, at BBC StoryWorks, unveiled the new films to delegates at the GWS 2022 in Tel Aviv.

The producers have interviewed global pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of wellness in more accessible and achievable directions. The films also focus on inspirational people and groups that are taking care of themselves in both ancient and cutting-edge ways.

“Looking after ourselves and each other is fundamental, and yet it can often be forgotten about or misinterpreted,” said Shelley. “We hope that defining wellness through the lens of people across the globe inspires viewers on the wellness journey that they are on. It’s been a privilege to work with the Global Wellness Institute.”

“We hope that defining wellness through the lens of people across the globe, who are keeping well and striving to function at their best with traditional and modern rituals, inspires viewers at whatever stage of a wellness journey that they are on.”

Simon Shelley

Vice-president of BBC Programme Partnerships – part of BBC StoryWorks

Inspiring wellness films

The series spans 16 films and six articles, all of which fit into four themes: Body, Mind, Culture and Design. The first article highlights how the GWI and its research team defined wellness and has long produced authoritative industry research measuring the size, scope of, and emerging trends in the global wellness economy.

The films are far-reaching, with one revealing how music can tap into brain regions that help neurodiverse children express themselves in new ways, and another exploring how young Kenyans are finding new appreciation for the benefits of traditional healing plants.

Vlada Tusco, senior partnerships manager, BBC StoryWorks speaking at GWS 2022

A year in the making

Over the last year, the GWI’s research and executive team has worked closely with BBC StoryWorks’ producers on the series, helping to ground it in research and evidence. The non-profit GWI tapped its global network of wellness leaders by issuing a call for stories in 2021, as reported by European Spa.

The group worked with BBC StoryWorks to identify individuals and organisations taking a creative and inclusive approach to wellness. The series is expected to reach tens of millions of people globally and generate 80 million impressions on during the 12-month digital campaign, vastly expanding the GWI’s community and mission of “empowering wellness worldwide.

man speaking at a conference
The global launch of In Pursuit of Wellness at the Global Wellness Summit

“This series is game-changing because it helps usher in a new era of wellness and how it is explored in the media, said Nancy Davis, GWI chief creative officer and executive director. “A wellness era that is more authentic, inclusive and joyful; more rigorous and science-based; and one that celebrates the pioneers in – and cultures of – wellness that are making a real impact on real people.”

BBC StoryWorks is the commercial content division of BBC Studios and produced the series for the GWI.

Be well...

To watch the BBC StoryWorks series In Pursuit of Happiness, produced in partnership with the GWI, click here


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