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Ground Wellbeing launches CBD balm for menopause and will host empowering workshop

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

20 October 2021

Irish wellness and self-care brand Ground Wellbeing has launched a Balancing CBD Balm designed to ease the symptoms of menopause. 

The product features 100 per cent natural ingredients and combines therapeutic grade essential oils, such as ashwagandha, clary sage and geranium, with hemp seed oil and full-spectrum CBD to help restore balance and harmony, as well as supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. 

The balm also contains St. Johns Wort and ylang-ylang to calm the mind and reduce anxiety, and is designed to be used as part of a Ground Ritual, where the balm is gently massaged onto the neck, chest and face at night, while the user takes deep, calming breaths. It can also be used on pulse points twice a day, while consistent use can help to build long term wellbeing effects. 

The balm combines therapeutic grade essential oils with hemp seed oil and full-spectrum CBD

“Developing a Ground CBD Balm to soothe hormone fluctuations has been both a personal goal as well as a business focus for Ground,” said Ground founder Peigin Crowley. 

“I had begun taking ethos CBD mid-lockdown and I found it excellent. I had coupled it with ashwagandha supplements and it had really helped with anxiety and sleep. Being able to combine both into a soothing balm to incorporate into a nighttime ritual has been a labour of love.” 

In addition, the brand is launching a workshop dedicated to menopause that will aim to provide attendees with the tools needed to thrive during menopause.

Taking place on November 7 at 7pm, the workshop will be hosted by Crowley, who will be joined by menopause coach and wellness warrior, Catherine O’Keeffe

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“Developing a Ground CBD Balm to soothe hormone fluctuations has been both a personal goal as well as a business focus for Ground.”

Peigin Crowley

Founder, Ground Wellbeing

“There is so much about the journey towards menopause that we don’t know about and we need to learn more to equip ourselves and our mental health. This is something I’m committed to being open about and delving into to gain knowledge and share with our online Ground community,’ Crowley added. 

“I’m both thrilled and honoured Catherine will be joining me in our next Self Care Workshop to discuss how we can prepare and equip ourselves so that we are empowered and learn to thrive during this transition phase, rite of passage.” 

The workshop costs €20. To book a place, click here

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