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Ground Wellbeing launches essential oils collection

Expertly blended oils help to comfort, uplift, ground and improve sleep

By Mark Smith

21 July 2021

Ground Wellbeing has launched a collection of wellbeing essential oils, expertly blended by founder and renowned spa consultant Peigín Crowley to help comfort, uplift and improve sleep.

Ideal for diffusing in the air or adding to a warm bath, the blends can be incorporated into any wellness ritual in the spa or at home.

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"Scent plays such a strong role in the sensory spa journey, Ground Wellbeing essential oil blends were created to celebrate moments of comfort, inspiration to uplift or ground or simply to invite rest in.”

Peigín Crowley

Founder, Ground Wellbeing

Since its launch in late 2020, Ground Wellbeing has built an impressive portfolio of spa partners including: Powerscourt Springs, The KClub, Mount Juliet Estate, Fota Island Resort, The Dunloe and The Old Head of Kinsale in Ireland and The Rosewood Hotel, Hong Kong.

Ground's four 'Wellbeing families'

The collection contains 100% natural essential oil blends from Ground’s four Wellbeing families: Comfort, Uplift, Sleep and Grounding.


Codladh Sleep Essential Oil Blend

Blended with rosewood, geranium, lavender, cedarwood, orange, frankincense to help calm and slow a racing mind to prepare the body for undisturbed, restorative sleep.


Beo Uplifting Essential Oil Blend

Lavender, grapefruit, lemongrass, cedarwood and eucalyptus help to awaken mind, body and spirit, this powerful blend naturally improves breathing and energises the entire body, helping to dispel melancholy.


Cúram Comfort Essential Oil Blend

Blended with lavender, maychang, geranium, bergamot, ylang ylang and sweet orange to help soothe in times of transition or stress. Strengthening and calming, it helps reduce lethargy or sluggishness.


Talamh Grounding Essential Oil Blend

Rosewood, geranium, lavender, cypress, clary sage and frankincense help re-centre the soul with grounding botanicals. The rich woody notes stabilise emotions and lend a feeling of cohesion and balance.

Be grounded...

For more information on the new essential oils collection and the full selection of Ground Wellbeing’s spa products and treatments, please click below


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