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Aromatherapy Associates reveals Pure Wellbeing Home Collection

By Mark Smith

By Mark Smith

27 May 2021

The Pure Wellbeing Home Collection by Aromatherapy Associates is a set of innovative products designed to enhance the at-home sensory wellness experience. Creating a multi-layered ‘sensory scentscape’ the collection comprises ‘The Atomiser,’ a  waterless diffuser; four pure and potent candles; and a special collaboration with fabric-care brand, The Laundress.

The Atomiser

Inspired by spa atomising technology, this innovative waterless diffuser has a powerful yet ultra-quiet air compresser that disperses a micro-fine mist direct from the sleek, white ceramic design.

A choice of five pure Aromatherapy Associates essential oil blends are dispersed straight from the bottle, allowing instant switching of the blend to alter the ‘scentscape’ of your room.

“Our new home collection marries our expertise in pure, natural wellbeing with our understanding of how consumers are looking for new ways to incorporate wellbeing into their lives.”

Anna Teal

CEO, Aromatherapy Associates

With no water or heat involved, the oils’ purity is maintained and once charged, it is fully portable. Optimised running times and a soft halo of light enhance the experience of total wellbeing.

The Atomiser can be partnered with Aromatherapy Associates Essential Oil Blends: Deep Relax, Revive, De-Stress, Breathe and Forest Therapy.

The Aromatherapy Associates Pure Wellbeing candle

Aromatherapy candles

A collection of four 100%-natural wax candles features Aromatherapy Associates’ most popular blends: De-Stress, Deep Relax, Rose and Revive. These mood enhancing blends are made from hand-poured, vegan soy wax. Each contains the equivalent of up to two bottles of essential oils and has a burn time of up to 40 hours.

Aromatherapy by The Laundress

At-home essentials

Launching on July 1, a collaboration with the renowned laundry company, The Laundress, completes an even deeper experience, enabling customers to layer the blends of Deep Relax and Forest Therapy onto bed linen, clothes and nightwear. The collection includes detergent, soap and surface cleanser.

Be sensorial...

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