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Aman offers a new range of candles

Lifestyle collection draws inspiration from the brand’s history and its growing portfolio of luxury destinations

By Mark Smith

26 January 2021

Aman has launched three candles to complement its skincare collection as the brand enhances its spa retail offering.

The delicately scented 220g candles follow the Grounding, Purifying and Nourishing pathways inspired by Aman Spas.

Designed to enhance individual wellbeing journeys, they can be used individually or together to provide varying benefits such healing, soothing, energising or rejuvenating.

Individual blends create a moment of calm, comfort or invigoration with refreshing notes of floral rose adding to the sensual spicy notes of ginger. Each features a balancing base of rich and earthy sandalwood layered into each one of the scents.

The candle collection



 Overview: A soothing, calming candle

Aroma profile: Warm notes of ginger and a heart of jasmine encourage stillness and tranquillity

Benefits: Calming, meditative, tranquillity



Overview: A nurturing, comforting candle

Aroma profile: Top notes of bergamot nurture and comfort, fostering a soothing atmosphere

Benefits: Nurturing, comforting, soothing



Overview: An energising, invigorating candle

Aroma profile: Floral layers of rose and geranium create a refreshing scent that works to energise and uplift

Benefits: Uplifting, refreshing, energising


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