Dröm UK launches multi-sensory spa experience

SoundSauna / SoundSteam provides chromotherapy, aromatherapy and sonic frequencies

By Sarah Todd

03 October 2020

A new concept sauna and steam installation from wellness specialist Dröm aims to elevate the hydrothermal experience by incorporating vibrational frequency sound healing as well as chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

SoundSauna / SoundSteam – the result of a collaboration between Barry Smith, CEO and co-founder of Dröm UK and Sara Jones of AraSpa Consulting – combines chromotherapy and aromatherapy with specific Solfeggio frequencies, which are said to activate different chakras or energy centres in the body.

SoundSauna / SoundSteam provides chromotherapy and soundtracks from nature

In partnership with professional skincare brand Aromatherapy Associates, a list of aromatherapy blends suitable for each programme have been created using either pure essential oils or the brand’s signature bath and shower oils, which can be applied directly to the skin.

In addition to chromotherapy, audio options available include soundtracks taken from nature, forest ambiences and instrumentals featuring gongs, Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowls, chimes and tuning forks.

“This unique, multi-sensory experience elevates the steam or sauna installation and provides a point of difference for spas.”

Barry Smith

CEO and co-founder, Dröm UK

The innovative system can be adapted for private hydrothermal experiences and boutique spas as well as large-scale spa and wellness facilities. SoundSauna / SoundSteam can also be retro-fitted to existing installations.

Each guest can customise their own experience and for use in larger or busier spas the installation can be programmed to cycle through its tracks with corresponding light and aroma every 20 minutes.

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