“In terms of spas reopening, equipping people in a positive way is key.”

Peigin Crowley, co-founder, Irish Spa Association

By European Spa

22 November 2020

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In an excerpt from one interview, the co-founder of the Irish Spa Association, Peigin Crowley, highlights the benefits of collaboration in spa management.

Spa is needed now more than ever.”

There’s been such a joint effort from the entire industry in terms of our response and setting out a blueprint. But we don’t need to take what we used to be and just add ‘Covid-19’ to it – we need to be even more than we were.

The spirit of generosity in the spa industry has been incredible.”

In terms of spas reopening, equipping people in a positive way is key. The shared pandemic experience means we’re returning to spas as better therapists and business operators. There’s also a shared sense of vulnerability that will help us build relationships both now and in the future.

The return to work needs to be built on trust, which can be created through open communication and leading by example.”

Spa and wellness is all about connection, so reconnecting your staff with the reasons why they originally chose the spa industry will really help to re-centre them.

Before looking at the guest customer journey, spas need to look at the working environment for their therapists.

No one has ever done this before so there’s no roadmap for this – we’re building the road as we travel down it.

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