Lemi’s Matteo Brusaferri on how to invest for treatment room success

By Sarah Todd

In this new era of wellness, installing the right equipment within your spa is vital if you are to achieve enduring business success.

With demand surging for spa and wellbeing services, the power of touch and connection is a higher priority than ever before and your treatment room spaces must be maximised to strengthen the connection between therapists and guests.

The quality of a treatment room experience is fundamentally important to your revenue and the right equipment can make a considerable difference.

In this instalment of our Expert Guide to Treatment Couches, we talk to Matteo Brusaferri, general manager of leading Italian company Lemi Group, to find out how you can best make intelligent and considered investments in the future of your spa business.

"With three decades of experience, Lemi guarantees benefits for our spa operators and therapists that no one else can offer."

Matteo Brusaferri, general manager, Lemi Group

What makes Lemi unique?

As a forerunner in the global spa and beauty sectors for more than 30 years, we have always been committed to exceeding expectations with the design, innovation and quality of our products.

Our equipment is renowned for its multi-functionality. For example, the Lemi Spa Table allows therapists to perform several treatments in the same space, customised according to each guest’s needs.

In addition, we invest heavily in advanced technical research and we guarantee the quality of our products through our 100% ‘Made in Italy’ production cycle.

Lemi's Aemotio Spa offers versatility and style

Have you adapted your products as a result of recent events?

We created a moveable, protective piece of equipment for therapists called Spa SHIELD.

Thanks to its thermoformed plexiglass structure, Spa SHIELD protects the guest and the therapist, allowing them to perform treatments in comfort and safety. It has a metal, painted base, silent rubber wheels with brakes and a fully height-adjustable stand to fit any spa bed.

We use either Nefos or Spa Prestige vinyl leather fabric on our products and both of these are made in production processes involving an anti-microbial additive technology. Studies show that fabrics treated in this way are up to 99.9% resistant to harmful bacteria and sanitised with a permanent effect.

The 'under the rain' Nettuno treatment bed

How can your equipment best support spas as they streamline their treatment offer?

The multi-functionality of Lemi beds has always aimed to optimise the workspace while making it safe for the practitioner. In fact, Lemi beds have a refined design from a safety point of view too.

All our mattresses have perfectly rounded corners, thus preventing the practitioner from bumping uncomfortably during the various phases of the treatment while delivering excellent treatments.

Moreover, electric height adjustment allows therapists of different statures to maintain a correct posture while performing their treatments.

Finally, each of our bed structures is designed so that the practitioner can position their lower limbs and knees near the bed without hitting the base.

The Portofino EVO from Lemi

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Empowering you to make intelligent and considered investments in the future of your spa business, read our full Expert Guide feature in the latest edition of

Empowering you to make intelligent and considered investments in the future of your spa business, read our full Expert Guide feature in the latest edition of European Spa by clicking below:

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