Global Wellness Day 2024 theme unveiled as #MagentaNature

Event organiser Belgin Aksoy invites the world to embrace nature and wellness on Saturday June 8, 2024


By Wendy Golledge

18 March 2024

This year’s Global Wellness Day (GWD), which is set to take place on June 8, will celebrate the theme #MagentaNature.

#MagentaNature symbolises reconnection with nature, inviting individuals to embrace the transformative power of harmonising with the elements around them.

The annual wellness event, which this year celebrates its 13th anniversary, will invite people of all ages to live life in unity with nature.

Last year, the theme for GWD was Dance Magenta.


The #MagentaNature theme sees GWD shift its focus to the connection between humanity and the natural world, advocating for a comprehensive, nature-based approach to wellbeing.

The theme will see GWD participants celebrating a connection with the natural world, creating experiences that nurture physical, mental and spiritual health.

“Global Wellness Day is not just a celebration; it is a call to action, an invitation for individuals to actively participate in their own wellbeing and contribute to a harmonious relationship with the world around us.”

Belgin Aksoy

Founder, Global Wellness Day; creative director, Richmond Hotels

The four pillars of #MagentaNature

More than 150 Global Wellness Day ambassadors, key supporters and volunteers will bring together four pillars of the #MagentaNature philosophy to outline a transformative action plan.

“This plan encapsulates both the tangible and intangible dimensions of connecting with nature,” said GWD founder Belgin Aksoy. “Together, let us embark on this transformative journey towards a healthier, more connected and nature-centric existence with Magenta Nature.”

Elderly man running in a pink jacket
Participants can choose a variety of wellness activities to join on the day

#1 Eat natural

Immerse yourself in the nourishing embrace of natural foods. Make every meal a celebration of the diverse, wholesome gifts nature provides.

#2 Be in nature

Step into the realm of the outdoors, whether that’s a forest, a park or a quiet corner of the garden. Allow yourself to be surrounded by nature and let the symphony of nature’s sounds become the backdrop to daily life.

#3 Protect nature

Become an environmental guardian and take conscious steps to reduce your ecological footprint, embrace sustainable practices and contribute to the planet’s wellbeing.

#4 Be in nature (spiritual)

Engage in spiritual practices that foster a deep connection with the natural world, whether this be meditation, mindful contemplation or simply taking moments of stillness in a natural setting.

Children planting trees
Children planting trees during the 2023 Global Wellness Day celebrations

About Global Wellness Day

Founded in 2012, GWD is an entirely not-for-profit day celebrated around the world on the second Saturday of every June. All activities are completely complimentary.

It is a wellness movement that has brought the world together – an entirely not-for-profit day that is an international social project dedicated to living well.

The purpose of the day is to make people aware of the value of their lives, to stop and think, and find peace within themselves.

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