Global Wellness Day 2023 theme unveiled as #DanceMagenta

Belgin Aksoy invites the world to dance on Saturday June 10, 2023


By Wendy Golledge

25 April 2023

Global Wellness Day (GWD) is gearing up for its 12th anniversary. The event, dedicated to emphasising the importance of wellness, will take place on Saturday, June 10.

Its aims to encourage as many people as possible worldwide to prioritise their health and wellbeing, and this year’s theme, #DanceMagenta, is a set of actions centred around dance.

GWD Morocco 2022
GWD celebrations in Morocco in 2022


In 2022, Global Wellness Day placed its key colour, magenta, at the heart of the day’s activities with the theme #ThinkMagenta.

This year, with dance becoming increasingly prominent within the international wellness world, #DanceMagenta will be the key philosophy.

This includes three basic steps – dance with your body, dance with your thoughts, and dance with life.

#DanceMagenta: the three dance steps

Dance with your body

Whatever style you choose, dance is a unique form of exercise that’s good for your body.


Dance with your thoughts

Add dance to your meditation while relaxing, dance in your mind and free your dreams.


Dance with life

Don’t resist, stay in the flow and trust the process. Add music to your life. Let it bring you happiness. Start your day with music, fall asleep with music.

New GWD additions

This year Ibiza, Ghana, Belgium, Tanzania, Bhutan, Seychelles, Cameroon, Mauritius, Senegal and Tunisia are among the new countries that have come on board. 

Some of the highlights planned include in Ibiza, Hard Rock Ibiza will stage a series of masterclasses on fitness, from Zumba to BalletFit.

“To us, dance is the universe moving within you. Dancing is getting away from stress, exercising your body and spreading happiness at the same time."

Belgin Aksoy

Founder, Global Wellness Day

In Italy, a network of Lindy Hop dancers will convene in 40 different cities across Italy to celebrate the spirit of #DanceMagenta. 

In Sweden, the children in ten different schools around the city of Borås will be taught to perform a Flashmob Dance.

In Thailand, there will be a special medical aid mission to No Man’s Land at the border of Thailand and Myanmar with Belgin Aksoy.

GWD Kenya in 2022
Global Wellness Day in Kenya in 2022

Music for wellness

Global Wellness Day’s official audio partner is Myndstream, a platform that creates music designed for health and wellbeing.

Myndstream has curated the GWD Anthem, Good to You, by songwriter Taura Stinson with producer Darien Dorsey.

The anthem is performed by vocalist Brianna Mazzola and will be released globally on June 10.

Freddie Moross, Myndstream CEO

“With dance as the theme, Myndstream is providing the soundtrack for this year’s festivities. Music has the power to support and elevate wellbeing in individuals and communities alike, across global borders.”

Freddie Moross

CEO, Myndstream

About Global Wellness Day

Founded in 2012 by Belgin Aksoy, GWD is celebrated annually on the second Saturday of June. It is an entirely not-for-profit day dedicated to living well.


The guiding principle is that ‘one day can change your whole life’.


The fundamental purpose of the day is to make us stop and think, to get away from the stress of city living and our bad habits, and find peace within ourselves.


GWD has 115 ambassadors, 28 key supporters and two advisors from all around the world.

“Nietzsche said those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music,” said Aksoy. “As GWD, we know this too well. The real madness is not choosing to live well.

“Living well is not a luxury, but the inherent right of every individual. The theme of Global Wellness Day this year is dance. We named it #DanceMagenta because for us, living is dancing.

“Dancing is not just a physical activity. Those who choose to live well are those who come to realisation that dancing is also a way of thinking.”

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