Ashmira Botanica launches TCM-inspired signature treatment

We talk to the brand's founder, Tracey Smith, about Ashmira Botanica Pure Alchemy, which is a bespoke, whole-body ritual


By Wendy Golledge

11 April 2023

Luxury waxing and skincare brand Ashmira Botanica has launched a new signature treatment and announced that Chuan Spa at The Langham, London will be its flagship UK spa partner.

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ashmira Botanica Pure Alchemy is a bespoke whole-body experience.

It is derived from the ancient philosophy of the Five Elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

The holistic treatment is personalised for each client, based on their biorhythm (year of birth), current skin issues and emotions, as well as being tuned to the season.

The Ashmira Botanica Pure Alchemy ritual
The facial element includes an acupressure facial massage with yin massage oil, vacuum suction cups and rose quartz rollers

Energetic transformation

A truly whole-body ritual, Pure Alchemy includes a back exfoliation, acupressure head massage and back massage, working on meridians and acupressure points.

Brand founder and therapist, Tracey Smith, a qualified shamanic healer, says: “According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine healing system, our body and mind are like a mirror, reflecting any internal and external imbalances within the meridian systems.

“Ashmira Botanica teaches therapists to recognise these imbalances, then use advanced mindful massage alongside our potent products to bring about palpable change.

“We include a cup of ceremonial cacao and sound healing with sound bowls to envelope the client in a deeper layer of energetic transformation.”

Ashmira Botanica Pure alchemy singing bowls
Singing bowls are used to induce deeper relaxation

Immersive products

The brand has also launched a new skincare range to power its spa treatments.

Chuan Spa will be using Ashmira Botanica products for its signature Chuan Yu facial as well as offering the brand’s immersive Pure Alchemy signature treatment, which will change with each season.

The accompanying skincare range, Ashmira Botanica at Home, uses natural plant extracts, essential oils and clays.

It is formulated in the UK in small batches to minimise ecological footprint.

Ashmira Botainca Wood gift set
The Wood (left) and Utility (right) gift sets
The utility gift set

The Wood Gift Set includes Elemental Clay Powder, Elemental Elixir, Rice Balm Face Cream and Rose Hydrosol.

The Utility Gift Set is a handmade clay bowl and a bamboo spoon, a fan masking brush and a quartz cluster crystal, for blending the rejuvenating home face mask.

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The story behind the brand...

European Spa speaks exclusively to Ashmira Botainca founder, Tracey Smith


Tracey Smith Ashmira Botanica


“We used to import the French skincare range La Phyto, but then the owners of the company retired. A few years later, they contacted me, gave me all the recipes and asked me to revive the brand.


“I spent a lot of time trying to find a manufacturer who understood about TCM, skincare and energy – it took over a year to find an aromacologist who understood what I was talking about!


“We set about reformulating the brand but a lot of the oils were impossible to get and legislation changes meant some couldn’t be used in same quantities. As we weren’t able to replicate the brand’s recipes we instead followed their philosophy to create new products.


“I then had them all tested to make sure that they matched the energy levels needed for each of the five elements. I’m so proud of the results!


“This year we’re focusing on growing our profile as a skincare brand, talking to spas about stocking our products and delivering our treatments and working on some new products as well, including a ready blended clay, serum, a really exciting eye treatment and a body treatment.”

Be holistic...

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