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Chuan Spa holds its inaugural Global Wellness Week

The Langham and Cordis hotels focus on mental and physical health from August 2-8


By Mark Smith

04 August 2021

The Chuan Spas at The Langham and Cordis hotels around the world are holding their first global wellness week from August 2-8. Complimentary to guests who register at the hotels and those who join online, the events and activities have been designed to cater to all different fitness levels, ages and wellness preferences.

Designed to be stimulating experiences, activities range from child-friendly Tai-Chi classes in Hong Kong to group night runs in Shanghai, sunrise walks along the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, aqua workouts in Auckland and self-walking tours with maps through the charming neighbourhood of Pasadena.

For those seeking to calm the body and soul, the wellness week also features Pilates, reiki lessons and a range of yoga events including sunset, poolside and yin yoga sessions.

A range of wellness activities are available during Chuan Spa's Global Wellness Week

“We want to encourage people to be active, stay healthy and also inspire them to spend more time taking care of themselves, especially as we cope with the Covid-19 pandemic” said Amy Chan, assistant director of spa, Langham Hospitality Group.

Drawing on the powers of the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – Chuan Spa’s treatments are based on Chinese medicinal plants and principles, combined with aromatherapy.

Prior to every Chuan Spa experience, a signature five-element questionnaire is answered to determine each guest’s element. Each treatment then begins with the chosen element’s breathing ritual and completed with ear auricular therapy, which helps to relax and relieve anxiety and pain.

Other wellness activities include aroma flower baths, five elements tea tasting, detox shots of multi-vitamin-infused healthy boosters, massages, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition talks by experts to provide guidance on healthy living.

For people who are unable to attend the health and wellness events at the hotels, selected sessions will be live-streamed on social media platforms (Facebook and WeChat).

Be well...

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