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TRX and Myzone collaborate to improve consistency in fitness

By Mark Smith


By Mark Smith

06 August 2021

A unique partnership has been formed to increase physical fitness levels through a combination of suspension training and wearable fitness technology that monitors and measures heart rate.

Focusing on countries in the EMEA, the collaboration between TRX and Myzone takes in online and in-person training along with education at home and in the gym or fitness studio.

“This partnership enables fitness and wellness facilities to add another element to the way TRX Suspension Training is currently used within their offering, but what’s more is that it raises awareness around the importance of heart health.”

Nathan D’Rozario

International education and training manager, TRX

TRX is renowned for fitness equipment  including its popular Suspension Trainers, offering world-class training for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. Myzone’s heart rate monitor doesn’t measure speed, cadence or weight lifted but measures the effort put in by the heart.

“TRX Training is a great way to keep the body moving and active,” explains Nathan D’Rozario, TRX international education and training manager. “Myzone has always been a great tool to see how your workout is going, so we want to encourage more of our community to use Myzone whenever they are using a TRX Suspension Trainer or any of our Functional Training Tools.”

Myzone wearable tech helps improve accountability in fitness

This unique pairing provides additional incentives for people to move both in the gym and at home. Both brands also share a similar ethos of rewarding effort over ability and levelling the playing field for everyone.

Combining the benefits of heart rate training and suspension training, alongside the consistency and accountability of using Myzone, is said to facilitate long term life changes, making them more achievable.

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