Therme Group and Russell Partnership Collection launch Therme RPC

By Sarah Todd


By Sarah Todd

11 December 2020

Global wellness developer Therme Group has entered a new joint venture with food and hospitality consultancy Russell Partnership Collection (RPC).

Therme RPC has been created to deliver innovative, wellbeing-focused food experiences across all Therme Group properties worldwide, including the £250m [€274m, $332m] Therme Manchester, the 28-acre  resort that is scheduled to open in the north-west of England in 2023.

Helping to underpin the group’s inclusive vision of ‘wellbeing for all’, Therme RPC will have an emphasis on evidence-based nutrition and bio-individuality. Food concepts and menus will be developed by a team of registered nutritionists with a framework that can be designed to adapt to the unique needs of each guest.

Therme Manchester is scheduled to open in 2023

A number of sustainable innovations are planned for Therme Group resorts, some of which will be seen at Therme Manchester. They include rooftop beehives, artisan bakeries and the creation of vertical farms that will grow product for on-site restaurants as well as for the wider local community. The advanced systems for energy-efficient environmental control used in vertical farming means it requires 95% less water than traditional agriculture and use no pesticides or herbicides.

“Our joint venture has been two years in the making and delivers the optimum platform to establish Therme RPC as a unique global cornerstone in wellbeing and nutrition. Through this world-first unification, Therme RPC is energised and excited by the possibilities and opportunities that lay ahead.”


Professor David Russell

CEO of Therme RPC and chair of the Russell Partnership Collection

Therme RPC will be led by Professor David Russell, CEO of Therme RPC and chair of RPC, and includes a team of food specialists, operational experts, registered nutritionists and psychologists.

Dr Robert Hanea, chair and CEO of Therme Group, said that the creation of Therme RPC had been “driven by the opportunity to transform people’s relationship with food, nutrition and health” and aimed to “reconnect humans with nature and put sustainable food at the centre of human wellbeing.”

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Therme Manchester is the first of a number of new generation projects currently in development by Therme Group across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. To find out more, click below

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