The|Tides Wellness makes UK spa debut in partnership with Birch

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

28 March 2022

Dutch holistic wellness brand The|Tides Wellness has announced its entry into the UK spa market with a new brand partnership with Birch, a spa, hotel and member’s club in Hertfordshire, UK. 

As part of the deal, Birch will offer The Tides BrainBody Wellness Signature Treatments, a series of wellness rituals designed to synchronise the brain and body and tackle urban pressures, such as environmental pollution and digital overload. 

Birch is a wellness spa, hotel and members club in Hertfordshire | ©Inna Kostukovsky

The treatments combine evidence-based wellness therapies with 100% natural and organic skincare products, and aim to relieve fatigue, boost immunity, improve sleep quality, address hormone imbalances and increase energy levels.

“The Tides at Birch aims to use evidence-based techniques and beautifully pure products that can help reignite our relationship between the body and the brain.”

Jonny Mills

Head of wellness, Birch

Techniques used include face, scalp and body massages; trigger point, meridian and acupressure work; vagus nerve toning; breathwork; sound therapy; clinical stretching, mobilisation and traction; craniosacral and myofascial release; and cupping, gua sha and cryotherapy.

Birch invites guests to switch off from the noise and pressure from daily life | ©Birch by Adam Firman

Evidence-based therapies at Birch

Treatments include:


BrainBody Hacker

A 45 or 60-minute minute ritual aimed at those needing to de-stress and clear their mind. It combines several techniques, including eye relaxation exercises, breathwork and myofascial release massage among others to leave guests free from stress and anxiety. 


Back to Brilliance 

A 60 or 90-minute treatment described as the perfect option for those in need of some TLC. It uses massage to calm, ground and relax, while breathwork and light acupressure are used to ease fatigue and aid relaxation.


Ocean Deep Recovery

A 90-minute treatment that aims to ease the symptoms of ‘wired and tired’ syndrome, improve sleep quality and sensory overload. The body and head treatment is described as the ‘ultimate reset’ and includes full-body exfoliation, light traction and an infrared heated body wrap, as well as breathwork and nervus vagus toning.

“What struck me the most when embarking on this newly found partnership is the way The|Tides Wellness and Birch seem to harmonise in their ambition to conceptualise new offerings in the world of wellness,” said Jonny Mills, head of wellness at Birch.

“In cities such as London, things are always moving 100 miles an hour and people inherently find it hard to relax. The Tides at Birch aims to use evidence-based techniques and beautifully pure products that can help reignite our relationship between the body and the brain.”

The new partnership will offer The Tides BrainBody Wellness Treatments at Birch | ©Birch by Adam Firman

The|Tides Wellness founders, Annemarie L. Wortman and Kimmo Jacobs, said: “Escaping from urban living to destress from the fast-paced life is a sentiment woven in the essence of both brands.

“At Birch, they fully understand that in order to live better and healthier lives, we have to take control of our physical, mental, social and spiritual wellness and wellbeing and that of the planet. We’re proud to partner with a brand that offers its guests the opportunity to give substance to this growing awareness.”

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