RAKxa offers 'female-first' treatments ahead of International Women's Day

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

03 March 2022

RAKxa, a wellness and medical retreat in Bangkok, Thailand, is offering a programme of ‘female first’ treatments ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8. 

The retreat, which has been described as the ‘perfect place for women to take care of themselves’, is offering a selection of bespoke and immersive treatments with a particular focus on issues such as fertility, hormones, blood flow, menopause, counseling and the reproductive system.

Treatments on offer have a focus on issues such as fertility, hormones and menopause

Experiences on offer include the Hormone Panel, a rebalancing experience designed to leave guests feeling refreshed, which includes lifestyle and supplement recommendations from RAKxa’s team of doctors to help correct hormone imbalances. 

Guests can also explore the option of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which uses man-made hormones to correct hormone levels, which can cause several symptoms including stress, irritability and cravings when unbalanced. 

Treatments include the Hormone Panel and an Empowering Female Transformative Experience

The Empowering Female Transformative Experience is designed to offer a ‘youthful uplift’, beginning with a facial skin analysis and featuring a Beauty Boost IV treatment designed to promote the release of collagen, leaving the skin youthful and restored. 

The treatment is completed with a cryo sauna therapy session, which stimulates collagen production, boosts metabolic rate and calorie expenditure and increases circulation.

The 'female-first' treatments are being offered ahead of International Women's Day

Completing the line-up is a Traditional Thai Rejuvenating Therapy experience. Described as an immersive body reset, the 170-minute treatment aims to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation to reduce symptoms such as abdominal pain, cramps, constipation, bloating and release muscle tension. 

It includes a full-body Thai massage using a herbal compress and a Traditional Salt Pot Massage, focusing on the stomach thighs, lower back and hips to induce heat and soothe weary bones and aching muscles. This is followed by a relaxing, detoxifying hot herbal charcoal seat and steam bath. 

The treatments can be added on to  RAKxa’s bespoke five, seven or ten-night packages. 

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