Spa gift voucher sales could increase by 50% to a value of £1 million for 2021

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

15 November 2021

Christmas 2021 is set to be the year of the experience gift, according to SpaSeekers, with new research from the spa booking platform suggesting that there will be a 50 per cent increase in spend on spa gift vouchers this year. 

The research revealed that 7 per cent of spa gift vouchers are typically sold on Christmas Eve, with a further 20 per cent of voucher recipients purchasing ‘return vouchers’ on Christmas Day.

“The post-pandemic demand for wellbeing experience treats has accelerated the demand for spa gift voucher sales.“

Jason Goldberg

Director, SpaSeekers

Reports from Google Trends show that searches for ‘spa Christmas voucher’ have increased by 100 per cent since the beginning of September.

The average spend per gift voucher is £170, which, with the increased demand, could see voucher sales generate more than £1 million, SpaSeekers predicts.

To maximise spa gift voucher sales for its partners, SpaSeekers has increased its online visibility and market share through a new website and enhanced 24/7 live booking technology.

Google trends has reported a 100 per cent spike in searches for 'spa Christmas vouchers' ©Canva

“Our research shows that Christmas sales normally take off from early November but this year it’s a good two months earlier. What’s more, the value of ‘return gifts’ on Christmas Day is interesting and shouldn’t be ignored by spa operators with this making up a substantial percentage of gift voucher revenue,” said SpaSeekers director Jason Goldberg. 

“The post-pandemic demand for wellbeing experience treats has accelerated demand for spa gift voucher sales, which is unprecedented in our almost 30 years of operating in this space. ”

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