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SHA Wellness Clinic unveils long-Covid Health Programme

By Mark Smith


By Mark Smith

21 May 2021

SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain has unveiled a post-Covid programme aimed at people experiencing lingering Covid-19 symptoms following historical diagnosis.

A bespoke programme of therapies and clinical treatments is offered for a minimum of seven nights and aims to address the most common persistent symptoms, including fatigue, headache, attention deficit, muscle weakness and sleeping difficulties.

Specialist teams can also work with issues around pulmonary fibrosis, arrhythmias, anxiety, post-traumatic stress or depression, hair loss and loss of smell and/or taste.

“Covid-19 is a highly invasive virus that acts at all levels of the human body and almost as many symptoms have been described as there are parts of the body."

Dr. Vicente Mera

Head of post-Covid programme, SHA Wellness Clinic

An integrative approach to health overseen by the medical team has established different rehabilitation therapies and clinical treatments to address each persistent symptom on a physical, immunological, respiratory, cognitive, digestive or emotional level.

Cutting-edge therapies with proven effectiveness are applied, such as intravenous laser therapy, cryotherapy, stem-cell treatments, breathing techniques, reflexology, Watsu, isometric training, and specific nutrition plans to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation.

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