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Lithuanian spas address physical health and wellness after lockdown

Tourist agency puts spotlight on wellness travel to boost guest health


By Mark Smith

05 May 2021

Lithuania is focusing on wellness tourism as Europe slowly emerges from lockdown, with a new campaign, led by national tourism development agency Lithuania Travel, highlighting the benefits of spas for health and wellness travellers post-lockdown.

Four of the country’s most famous resort towns – Birštonas, Anykščiai, Druskininkai and Palanga – are offering new treatments designed to minimise the effects of prolonged lockdowns to boost wellbeing.

A variety of new treatments have been curated to help people boost their energy levels, prevent common respiratory disease and tackle the long-lasting effects of illness.

“Lithuania boasts an impressive diversity of natural remedies, such as mineral water, therapeutic mud, local herbs and local spas combine these deeply-rooted traditions with the latest trends in healthcare.”

Inga Valentonienė

Head of tourism product and marketing department, Lithuania Travel

Birštonas, famous for its medicinal muds and natural healing waters, is home to Eglės Sanatorija, a renowned medical spa that has introduced its RespiCare programme. Based on breathing rituals conducted via the RespiCare smart chair, this aims to increase the vital capacity of the lungs, improve blood flow and oxygen saturation, relax the muscles, and provide pain relief. It is combined with a variety of therapeutic treatments to improve overall health.

Spa Vilnius in Anykščiai has introduced a goat milk and forest berry bath to boost wellbeing and improve circulation.

Eglės Sanatorija offers water rehabilitation for guests post lockdown

UPA Medical Spa Center at Druskininkai mineral spring resort has developed the Time for Change concept, combining massage therapy and individual consultations with a health professional in order to rebalance energy levels and understand the immune system.

On the coast of Lithuania, Palanga, the country’s largest beach resort, is home to Gradiali Medical Spa which has launched Healthy Back to address lifestyle-related back pain from working at home. Guests will learn exercises to strengthen inactive lower-body muscles while relieving tension in stiff areas, these are interspersed with a series of deeply relaxing massages.

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