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Body Ballancer offers touch-free therapies for post-Covid treatment menus

Unique compression massage concept enhances the wellness experience in spas

By Mark Smith

28 December 2020

As spas continue to address the challenges of the the Covid-19 pandemic, many may look to touch-free wellness experiences, such as  Body Ballancer, to enhance their treatment menu.

An advanced lymphatic massage system that requires no therapist contact, the Body Ballancer system works to remove the excess fluid and toxins associated with a host of health and aesthetic conditions.

“The Body Ballancer is a viable solution for spas looking to address some of the concerns around touch-based therapies.”

Jules Willcocks

Co-founder, Body Ballancer

Body Ballancer comprises two garments that gently fill with air before overlapping chambers apply smooth compression strokes to create a relaxing massage. The directional flow increases circulation and decongests problem areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks, the back and upper arms.

Body Ballancer co-founder Jules Wilcocks explains: “A touch-free massage system, it requires minimal operation, reducing contact time and enabling operators to offer massage to any consumers that might still be nervous about skin-on-skin therapies.”

Health and wellness benefits are said to include increased relaxation, better sleep, reduced bloating and water retention, and improved digestion. The device can also aid faster muscle recovery, making it ideal for fitness clients.

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For more information on Body Ballancer and its touch-free therapy options,  click below


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