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By Mark Smith Sponsored

By Mark Smith

23 August 2020

The Body Active range from [comfort zone] aims to enhance the effects of physical exercise on the body and skin

An increasing number of people are incorporating a wider range of activities into their health and fitness routines to increase their wellbeing and longevity. For those who want to boost the effectiveness of their workout, [comfort zone] has conceived Body Active, a professional treatment and complete body skincare routine to be used before, during and after fitness routines.

Image of Barbara Gavazzoli

“When we exercise, our microcirculation, cell metabolism and lypolytic activity are stimulated. Also, our brain releases endorphins that diminish fatigue and increase our sense of wellbeing. Body Active is formulated to maximise these effects during and after each session.”

Barbara Gavazzoli

Education and Communication Director, Comfort Zone

Homecare for health

The unisex range includes a roll-on Booster to be applied before workouts on the abdomen, buttocks and knees. Its calibrated thermogenic effect, along with caffeine and carnitine, activates microcirculation and stimulates lipolysis, preparing muscles and enhancing the firming effects of exercise.

Following workouts, a reinvigorating Shower Scrub, made with exfoliating particles of black rice and green tea leaves, deep cleanses and renews the skin. Its natural blend of mint, eucalyptus, sage and rosemary essential oils helps overcome any sense of fatigue.

The collection is completed by a sculpting and antioxidant Body Cream, with maca polyphenols and matcha tea extract to actively reduce free radicals.

A sustained wellness journey

Self-care should be a daily practice, but this can be supported by a Body Active professional massage that incorporates professional-grade formulas and the use of a wooden roller. The 50-minute remodelling treatment, which includes a body mask formulated with Brazilian yellow clay and plankton extract, is a good accompaniment to fitness programmes and cellulite treatment cycles.

Those seeking a more sustained detox and wellness journey can also benefit from a programme that includes a deep body cleanse and detox. Deep Body Renewal is a double-action renewing treatment with a 2-in-1 peel scrub and a nutritional mask with organic Tamanu oil to offer a complete transformation of the skin. The treatment also includes Montalcino Mud, an intensive detoxifying and anti-cellulite treatment with thermal water from Bagni di Montalcino, Castello di Verona in Tuscany.

This is enhanced by a blend of essential oils designed to encourage a profound purification of the tissues, with Fucus and laminaria algae to promote a lipolytic action.

The benefits of ‘conscious skin science’

Produced at the carbon-neutral headquarters of the B Corporation-certified Davines Group, all formulas follow [comfort zone]’s ‘conscious skin science’ approach. Green PE (sugar cane plastic) tubes, glass jars and recycled paper boxes are used in packaging, all with zero CO2 emissions, thanks to the EthioTrees environmental regeneration and social impact project.

The brand’s highly trained therapists can also offer complementary lifestyle tips, passing on knowledge from research carried out by its Scientific Committee, which includes doctors, dermatologists, and nutritionist Monica Poli. “Many elements impact our body shape, including fitness activity, diet, stress control and mind attitude,” explains Gavazzoli. “It is key to suggest that spa guests should embrace a balanced diet, rich in water, vitamins, mineral salts and proteins to help the skin’s metabolism and muscles work better.”

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