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Body Wellness concept from The Tides

Dutch brand's Magnesium-based products help to synchronise body and brain

Magnesium-based holicism from The Tides

By Sarah Camilleri

30 August 2020

Dutch brand Tides Wellness, developed by Annemarie Wortman and Kimmo Jacobs, aims to support the wellness devotee and modern traveller with nourishing self-care rituals.

Wortman and Jacobs bring over 25 years of expertise in the international spa, wellness and hospitality arena to present an eclectic choice of natural and organic wellness treatments and home self-care products.

Annemarie Wortman and Kimmo Jacobs

The brand’s BrainBody Wellness concept is an integrative holistic method to synchronise the body and brain through targeted sequences drawing on techniques including massage, mobilisation and traction, cupping, Gua Sha, breathing, stretching, yoga, meditation and mindful exercise.

Ethical and sustainable, the line is based on the healing and health benefits of magnesium.

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