Heckfield Place unveils two new curated wellbeing retreats

Group and individual rebalancing retreats will be offered at the Bothy by Wildsmith from January 2024


By Wendy Golledge

27 December 2023

The Bothy’s by Wildsmith’s wellbeing team has curated a series of new wellbeing retreats.

The latest evolution in The Bothy by Wildsmith at Heckfield Place’s wellbeing philosophy, the retreats are rooted in the rhythms of the natural world.

Launching in January 2024, the two restorative, transformative wellbeing experiences – Reconnect and Paths – will offer guests a bespoke recalibration.

Each retreat is intended to reawaken the body’s natural ability to heal, through a combination of holistic experiences and dynamically planned therapies. These will include naturopathy, osteopathy, nature therapy, massage and myofascial release.

A woman in black stretching hands above head

“Reconnect and Paths are a natural evolution and the next chapter of our Bothy journey. They offer the simple gift of time and space – to rediscover the principles of life and achieve a higher level of consciousness by intentionally caring for the needs of the mind, body and spirit."

Reka Seres-Erdei

Operations director, The Bothy by Wildsmith at Heckfield Place

“The strength of our new retreats lies in our people,” says Reka Seres-Erdei, operations director at The Bothy by Wildsmith at Heckfield Place.

“Our team of master practitioners share a passion and purpose. Each has an innate intuition and ability to perceive, listen with their senses and filter through emotions.

“Each retreat is designed to facilitate an intuitive, spiritual and emotional growth journey.”

The two new retreat programmes will encourage guests to embrace slow time and realign with nature’s pace while discovering the healing power of being.

The Bothy by Wildsmith at Heckfield Place
The 1,579sqm Bothy is home to Wildsmith Skin, a brand that was conceived at Heckfield Place

The Bothy by Wildsmith’s wellbeing retreats

Reconnect is a four-day retreat experience, hosted in small groups of up to four. The programme will be personally oriented yet rooted in community spirit, evolving to suit personal needs.

Paths is a hyper-personalised wellbeing journey, varying in length from a day to one-week or even longer. An elevation of the Reconnect journey, guests are invited to embark alone to initiate a deep dive into self-discovery.

An individual framework will be prepared by the Bothy’s wellbeing curator Emma Soum, who will accompany the individual on a journey of rooting, renewal and awakening.

a blue swimming pool overlooking english countryside
The Waters is a chlorine-free healing space that uses ionisation and natural mineral ions of copper, silver, zinc, aluminium and gold

Pre-retreat preparation

A week before arrival, guests will begin with a deep, one-to-one assessment led by The Bothy’s resident psychologist, Amy Steadman.

From here, the team will craft bespoke sessions with a central focus on allowing guests to deepen their connection to nature, elevate their consciousness and establish a greater sense of self.

The retreats will include a Slow Time class to calm the nervous system, a naturopathic assessment and session with Heckfield’s resident naturopathic practitioner, Ashmina Manolidis, and a nature immersion walk in Heckfield’s ancient woodlands.

“Each programme allows individuals to come together with our practitioners, tap into their instinctive self and access untouched avenues of emotions,” adds Seres-Erdei.

The four-day Reconnect programme starts from £3,900, including all treatments and therapies.

Paths are created bespoke to suit individual needs and timeframes with rates subject to programming and length of stay.

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