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Harpar Grace International announces strategic partnership with RevitaLash Cosmetics

Harpar Grace has signed an agreement with Athena Cosmetics, the parent company of RevitaLash Cosmetics


By Wendy Golledge

17 August 2023

Harpar Grace International (HGI) has announced a new partnership with RevitaLash Cosmetics, to enhance the brand’s presence in the UK and Irish markets.

The strategic partnership will see HGI, a specialist in the distribution, development and management of luxury skincare, beauty and wellness brands in the UK, reaching out to spas and consumers through a comprehensive omnichannel strategy.

“HGI’s dedication to serving partners through a relationship-first approach aligns with our vision of providing the very best products and services. This collaboration allows us to remain true to our roots, and opens up additional avenues for growth."

Lori Jacobus

President and Global CMO, RevitaLash Cosmetics

RevitaLash is a leader in developing advanced lash, brow and hair products, established in 2006.

“We are delighted to bring the RevitaLash brand into our portfolio,” said Alana Chalmers, founder and CEO of HGI. “RevitaLash aligns synergistically with our curated portfolio and our wider company CSR aspirations.”

European Spa spoke exclusively to Chalmers about the company’s plans for the future:

Alana Chalmers, founder and CEO, Harpar Grace International

Can you give us some insight into what Harpar Grace has planned for the next 12 months? 

“Our tenth year sees us projecting out more than 200% growth YOY and our team tripling in size.

“For our company milestone we are excited to host an evening of celebration at the Natural History museum on September 23.

“The evening will encompass exclusive industry announcements, new launches and the unveiling our independent charitable trust, alongside our CSR commitments from each brand and their founders.”

iS Clinical will reveal a new launch in September

Are there any major changes in the pipeline?

“Each brand, and indeed HGI itself, will unveil a flagship launch in Q4.

“Alongside our new RevitaLash distribution partnership, the launch we’ve all been waiting for is coming this September from iS Clinical.

“It is one of their biggest and most exciting launches to date, a formulation that has been 20 years in the making.

“We’ve also been working on an innovative rebrand for our LED light therapy brand, Déesse PRO, which will move professional LED light therapy into a new era.”

Deesse PRO at Kensho Ornos Boutique Hotel, Mykonos, Greece

What new trends do you see for the beauty, aesthetics and spa sphere in the coming year?

“We’ve seen a real increase in demand for personalised cosmetic and aesthetic experiences, and we expect this to continue.

“No skin is the same, so why would our regimes be? Clinics and practitioners are now blending treatments, offering a more bespoke experience.

“There has been a noticeable shift in the beauty industry recently, where the term anti-ageing once dominated, pro-ageing is starting to take precedence.

“Ageless beauty is far more focused on skin wellbeing and luminosity.”


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