Findings of the latest State of Spa Report are issued

The Good Spa Guide has released findings from its most recent consumer survey, including answers to the question, 'does sustainability matter?'


By Wendy Golledge

18 July 2023

The Good Spa Guide has revealed its State of Spa Report 2023, entitled, Do sustainability and wellness matter?

Created in partnership with SpaSeekers, the report surveyed 8,827 people in the UK who use spas through either the Good Spa Guide or SpaSeekers. More than 90 per cent of respondents were female.

The white paper focuses on two key areas. Firstly it investigates how much people are willing to spend on spa trips during the current financial crisis.

The second focus is around key industry buzzwords – sustainability and wellness – and how important they are to spa-goers at the time of booking.

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“We hope this report gives spas food for thought for their plans in 2023 and 2024. There is some good news – more than two-thirds of people said they will spend the same or more on their spa time, despite shrinking household budgets."

Caitlin Dalton

Director, The Good Spa Guide

The importance of wellness and sustainability

“There were also some slightly more challenging responses to the questions about the importance of wellness and sustainability. Most consumers say that both concepts are nice to have, but don’t influence their booking decisions,” said Caitlin Dalton, director of The Good Spa Guide.

“We also asked spa-goers a question on gendered changing room use, as the debate about gender identity becomes a key issue.

“Answers show there is room for more inclusivity, with 18 per cent of people feeling worried about going to a spa because of their body confidence.

“However, only 3 per cent suggested they would feel most comfortable in unisex changing rooms.”

Serenity Spa at Seaham Hall was crowned Best Spa for Guest Experience in the 2023 Good Spa Guide Awards

The report’s most significant findings

Q: What makes your decision to book one spa day over another?

Cost and facilities matter most to consumers – 40 per cent said it’s about finding the right offer, and they’re looking for real value for money.

A third (34 per cent) said “I look at the facilities for things like a swimming pool and relaxation space.”

Q: Thinking about the current economic climate, are you likely to spend less, more or about the same when booking a spa day?

A reassuring 67 per cent predicted they will spend about the same, but 26 per cent said they will spend yes. Only 2 per cent said they’ll spend more.

The Good Spa Guide asked respondents the same question about a spa break and the responses were largely similar.

What matters most to spa guests?

• Only 19 per cent of respondent said having a couple’s treatment room matters to them when booking a spa visit


• 70 per cent of people no longer consider Covid safety protocols when going to a spa


• Thermal rooms, ice showers and plunge pools were deemed the most important factor when booking a spa by 58 per cent of respondents


• Despite dramatic growth in the number of outdoor spa gardens, only 10 per cent of respondents felt an outdoor facility was what they most wanted when booking spa time


• 47 per centsaid wellness options such as holistic treatments and mindfulness classes weren’t a main priority


• 70 per cent were confident a spa would treat them well in any situation


• 18 per cent said have worried about going to a spa because they didn’t feel body confident

The Spa at South Lodge has previously been named Best Sustainable Spa by the Good Spa Guide in 2023

Does sustainability matter in spa?

When asked “how much does sustainability matter to you when booking spa time?” only 27 per cent of respondents felt sustainability was crucial.

42 per cent said it mattered “a little – it’s nice to have but I don’t actively look at sustainability” and 18 per cent said it mattered a moderate amount.

Only 5 per cent stated they wouldn’t consider booking a spa unless it had great eco-credentials.


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