GOCO Hospitality unveils first European retreat

By Sarah Todd


By Sarah Todd

15 December 2020

Leading wellness hospitality developer GOCO Hospitality is to open its first European GOCO Retreat in northern Norway.

GOCO Retreat Moonstone will open in 2023 in an ocean-front location outside Bodø, currently known as Geitvågen, which contains a natural lagoon.

An image from the GOCO Moonstone concept

The group’s intention is to create a sustainable wellness destination that blends into the surrounding landscape to offer a year-round ‘reason to visit’ Bodø and its surrounding areas.

GOCO Hospitality is partnering with entrepreneur Wessel Paternotte for the project and the Moonstone retreat will be partly funded by Innovation Norway as well as three private investors.

“By spending time in nature, in touch with the elements, we reconnect with our essence. The programmes at Moonstone are designed to realign us with the natural rhythms to find harmony and peace.”

Wessel Paternotte

Wellness entrepreneur

The retreat will encompass 65 bedrooms and offer traditional healing modalities that connect with the local topography as well as a range of indoor and outdoor leisure activities around the lagoon to promote health and wellbeing.

Now entering the masterplanning stage, following feasibility and market research conducted by Horwath HTL Health & Wellness, a set of prototype modular cabins are currently being constructed, conceptualised by GOCO Hospitality’s director of design and development, Josephine Leung. 

The retreat aims to blend into its natural surroundings

Ingo Schweder, founder and CEO of GOCO Hospitality, said: “We are proud to announce that we have officially entered the design and development stage at GOCO Retreat Moonstone.

“As our first GOCO Retreat in Europe, we are combining our exceptional wellness expertise with Innovation Norway’s vision to create sustainable growth in the area and create a world-class retreat dedicated to rejuvenation and authentic, transformative wellness experiences.”

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