Gharieni Group creates Metawell – to explore mind, body and wellness technologies

By Wendy Golledge


By Wendy Golledge

22 February 2024

Leading spa equipment supplier Gharieni Group has announced a major initiative to launch Metawell, a new division positioned to continue the company’s expansion in the wellness sphere.

Incorporating Gharieni’s mind, body and wellness technologies, Metawell represents the final phase in a re-structuring that aimed to implement a new market segmentation strategy to meet the developing needs of wellness consumers and spas looking to cater to their needs.

“I am so excited to announce this new direction for our company and for our industry. Metawell has been conceived to create a platform for mind, body and wellness technologies and we look forward to engaging with other innovative brands.”

Sammy Gharieni

Founder and CEO, Gharieni Group

“We feel there is a need to lead in this sector and see a tremendous opportunity to deepen our thought leadership and create new possibilities for industry collaborations,” said Sammy Gharieni founder and CEO of Gharieni Group.

“There is still much confusion and lack of clarity on how to best create value for consumers and business owners using mind, body and wellness technologies.

“We look forward to continuing to expand the market with future-focused, outside-the-box innovations.”

Dedicated to mind, body and wellness technologies

Sitting under the umbrella of the Gharieni Group, Metawell was born out of the need to provide a new product and services hybrid in the mind, body and touchless wellness arenas.

Metawell will showcase the company’s collection of experience beds and loungers, as well as other equipment that delivers sound, vibration and light therapies, harnessed by the power of the latest technology.

The RLX Satori Wellness Lounger by Metawell offers full-body vibration combined with binaural beats

Combining age-old healing arts with developing tech

Metawell was born to support wellness seekers wishing to bioharmonise – a concept that goes beyond biohacking in response to modern lifestyle needs.

Products will combine age-old methods of the healing arts with the latest scientific and technological applications to delivery memorable guest experiences in spas.

“We believe this rebranding solidifies the new role that technology plays in all sectors of our society, and will influnece how we will develop this area for business owners and the consumer,” said Gharieni.

“As the sector grows and moves forward, Metawell will stand for information, education, experience delivery and all things wellness.”

Woman laying on back on treatment bed having massage
Gharieni's MLX Quartz is a quartz sand spa treatment bed

In addition to repositioning the Gharieni brand and launching Metawell, the group has also integrated the Dutch brand Bentlon into its portfolio.

Bentlon caters to a younger, more contemporary customer base, specialising in serving small spa and salon operators, focusing on mid-market products.

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