World’s first CIBTAC-endorsed menopause massage training course is launched

Jenny Storey (right) and Kate Berry (left), directors at The Academy, have launched a course dedicated to menopause massage


By Wendy Golledge

16 March 2023

A menopause massage training course has been created by The Academy for therapists at level 3 and above within the spa industry.

The CIBTAC-endorsed course has recently launched at The Spa at Turnberry in Ayrshire, Scotland.

The Change of Life Massage taught on the course combines a blend of massage techniques that can help alleviate symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.

The aim is to bring balance back into the body, helping women to feel more like themselves again.

Staff at the Spa at Turnberry
Staff at the Spa at Turnberry during training

A three-pronged approach

The Change of Life Massage has been designed to alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, mood swings, brain fog, hot flushes, fatigue, joint pain, night sweats and irregular periods.

Training consists of theory and practical, so therapists are equipped not only to give the correct treatment but to carry out sufficient consultation and offer aftercare advice.

Jenny Storey

"As CIBTAC centre of the world 2022 winners we are constantly striving to deliver regulated courses to a high standard. Our next course will be based around the support of mental health and wellbeing."

Jenny Storey

Director at The Academy

Jenny Storey, director at The Academy, says: “I created this course as menopause seems to be such a taboo subject yet all females, non-binary and trans women face it.

“Too many are suffering in silence and, if we can offer a holistic approach to easing symptoms, then it is worthwhile.”

Menopause massage training by The Academy at the Turnberry
Menopause massage training by The Academy taking place at the Spa at Turnberry

The power of three

The training course was developed with a three-pronged approach, which has been tested on women struggling with debilitating symptoms.

This includes Swedish-style massage techniques, performed to the client’s sensitivity levels. Long, kneading strokes are combined with rhythmic tapping and movement of the joints to target the uppermost muscles and relieve tension.

Three types of aromatherapy oils are used throughout the procedure. Geranium for inhalation at the beginning of the treatment, then blended peppermint and lavender oils for the massage.

These oils have been proven to help alleviate many symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

The final step is pulse point activation across the meridians to restore balance (homeostasis) in the body.

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