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CBD brand OTO offers CIBTAC-accredited spa treatments

By Mark Smith

By Mark Smith

08 March 2021

Luxury CBD brand OTO has launched a range of immersive CBD-based spa treatments, accredited by CIBTAC.

OTO’s head of spa, Helen Cain, has developed the massage experiences, which combine CBD products and massage oils with the use of sound therapy and crystals to deliver a range of physiological and physical effects.

“In a time when consumers are looking for a moment of calm, we have developed a range of first-of-their-kind, full CBD sensory experiences; with a fully accredited course to further understanding within the industry.”

Helen Cain

Head of spa, OTO

An international CIBTAC accreditation is available exclusively to spa partner therapists as part of a comprehensive training programme, 80% of which can be delivered online.

OTO’s exclusive CBD Spa Oils feature a blend of organic grape seed oil with coconut oil as the carrier oil. Containing 25mg of CBD per 25ml, the oils include: Focus, with ginger, black pepper and frankincense; Amplify, with bitter orange, grapefruit and juniper berry; and Balance, with jasmine, fragonia and Roman chamomile.

OTO Signature CBD Experiences

Each treatment begins with a shot of an OTO CBD Seltzer, followed by a 60- or 90-minute massage using targeted CBD oils and a series of curated soundscapes to allow the guest to relax and unwind. The following protocols are then available:


Amplify Signature CBD Massage Experience

Clear the mind and cleanse the spirit with a manual and bamboo roller massage combined with chamomile and CBD to soothe and relax the muscles. Red Jasper crystal is said to have grounding energies.


Focus CBD Massage Experience

Designed to clarify, fortify and energise, this full-body massage features ginger for its anti-inflammatory properties; frankincense to comfort; and CBD to soothe muscles. The harmonising properties of Aventurine are also incorporated.


Balance CBD Massage Experience

Rejuvenating and restorative, this full-body massage experience is also grounding and calming. CBD works to calm and soothe muscles while rose quartz exercises its deep, inner healing properties.

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