Exclusive Interview: Kicki Carlsson on twenty years of Dröm UK

European Spa speaks to Dröm UK co-founder Kicki Carlsson about the brand's achievements on its 20th anniversary and her plans to ensure its continued success


By Lauren Heath-Jones

14 August 2022

Thermal wellness specialist Dröm UK has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Co-founder Kicki Carlsson tells European Spa about the milestone and the company’s plans for the future. 

Originally called Dream Leisure, Dröm UK launched in July 2002 after co-founders Kicki Carlsson and Barry Smith noticed a lack of thermal bathing facilities outside of traditional wellness spaces, such as spas and gyms, in the UK. 

Twenty years later and Dröm UK is one of the leading suppliers of high-end saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs and other thermal experiences, with its commercial client list including Carlton Tower Jumeirah Hotel in London and Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa in Surrey, as well as a private client list including celebrities, sports people and royalty. 

Co-founder Kicki Carlsson tells European Spa about the milestone and the company’s plans to bring innovative wellness experiences to a global audience.

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Tell us about some of Dröm’s key milestones

Our first big milestone was employing our first full-time member of staff, 18 years ago. This made us feel that Dröm UK had started its journey to becoming the company we are now.

Our most important decision was to change our company name from Dream Leisure to Dröm UK, this reflected the more sophisticated market we were entering and attracted a whole new set of clientele.

Another big highlight was opening our large beautiful showroom in Byfleet, Surrey, in 2012. Here we have, I believe, the most diverse and beautiful display of saunas, steam rooms and other thermal rooms in the country.

How do you feel about the anniversary? 

Our 20th anniversary has sort of crept up on us. As a company, we’ve been so busy developing new products, exploring new markets and growing the business in general that there has been little time to anticipate 20 years. Now that we have arrived at this milestone we’re reflecting on our successes and celebrating our amazing staff, who make Dröm UK such a fun environment whilst still providing a high standard of customer service, innovation and inspiration.

Twenty years after launching, Dröm UK is one of the leading suppliers of thermal wellness facilities

What did you hope to achieve with the company when it was founded? 

We wanted to make a difference in people’s attitudes towards wellbeing and emphasise the importance of taking time out to nourish their bodies and souls. We also wanted to prove that a sauna is not just a wooden box but can be a beautiful and imaginatively creative space where you can find both peace and wellbeing. 

What are your plans going forward? 

We want to cement DrömUK’s reputation as the very definition of creativity, quality installation, project management and attention to detail which is difficult to find elsewhere. We want to help everyone towards a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle. 

We hope to build on our reputation in the worldwide wellbeing market and to continue to be innovative and inspirational in our product development and approach to the market. Finally, we want to create trends and inspire people to find a bit of me time whilst rejuvenating the body.

Drom Sound Sauna
Dröm UK was created after co-founders Barry Smith and Kicki Carlsson noticed a lack of thermal wellbeing facilities outside of spas in the UK

What spa projects are you currently working on?

We have just finished working on three large commercial projects; Damac Towers, The Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel and Queensbridge House Westin Hotel.

Who are some of your clients? 

Currently, our private clients include professional sportsmen to royalty status individuals from overseas with residences in the UK. The majority of our clients come from recommendations and companies that we have previously worked with, including some of the most influential interior designers, architects and main contractors, such as Knight Harwood, SHH, Multiplex, Walterlilly and Size Group to name a few.

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