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Esse launches 30-day rewilding skincare challenge

Back-to-basics skincare programme aims to restore natural microbiome


By Lauren Heath-Jones

27 January 2022

Probiotic brand Esse has launched a new skincare challenge that is designed to reset stripped or sensitive complexions. 

The 30-Day Rewild Your Skincare Challenge focuses on taking the skin back to basics, undoing the impact of ‘astringent’ skincare products and restoring a lifestyle that reconnects humans with their natural environment.

The Esse 30-Day Rewild Your Skin Kit is designed to support skin health

According to the brand, traditional skincare and treatments have had an adverse effect on the skin’s microbiome, stripping the protective barrier and creating issues such as sub-clinical inflammation and sensitivity. 

Inspired by the re-wilding movement, which involves restoring lost ecosystems, Esse has developed a programme that uses prebiotic nutrients and probiotics to nourish the skin’s microbiome, guiding the microbiome back to its ‘natural, wild’ state. 

The Rewild Your Skin Kit offers a range of ultra-gentle’ products – including  Sensitive Cleanser, Sensitive Toner, Nourish Moisturiser, Protect Oil and Resurrect Serum – designed to support a healthy skin microbiome by strengthening the skin’s barrier function. 

At Esse our mission is to shift the world’s understanding of skincare – one product, one therapist and one consumer at a time

Trevor Steyn

Founder, Esse

Speaking to European Spa Esse-founder Trevor Steyn said: “At Esse our mission is to shift the world’s understanding of skincare – one product, one therapist and one consumer at a time.

“The 30-Day Rewild Challenge offers us a platform to get consumers and therapists to try Esse and experience the benefits it has to offer over 30 days – but you can only do this if you are willing to quit everything else and go all in!

“With a carefully curated selection of products your skin will be able to start rewilding to return to its diverse roots – for healthier skin that ages slower.”

Esse products use probiotics to restore the skin's microbiome

“We’re living in an age where dirt has been demonised by an industry that promotes sterile as healthy. This encourages increased product use, deep-cleansing routines and the stripping of natural oils,” Steyn added. 

“It’s time to end the war on germs. Half of the cells in your body are ‘germs’ and you need them for optimal health.”

The 30-Day Rewild kit retails at £74 and is available at

Be natural...

For more details about the Esse 30-Day Rewild Challenge and Kit, click below

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