Doctor Seaweed on iodine deficiency and what spas need to know

Doctor Seaweed talks about why spas should be educating themselves about iodine deficiency and what it means for their guests


By Wendy Golledge

02 May 2023

Iodine deficiency is a huge issue that impacts up to 70% of women across Europe, in particular those experiencing peri-menopause and menopause.

Doctor Seaweed, aka Dr Craig Rose, shares his advice on why spas should spas be educating themselves about iodine deficiency, in order to educate their clients:

Craig Rose

"In many European countries, dietary intake of iodine is not sufficient. Up to 80% of British women are deficient. Iodine is primarily found in white fish and dairy and intake of both is declining."

Dr Craig Rose

Founder, Doctor Seaweed's Weed & Wonderful supplements

How did you become involved in seaweed supplements?

“I’m a marine biologist by background, and I saw an opportunity to better utilise seaweed. It’s a sustainable, natural British resource that can address massive nutritional deficiencies.

“I developed some technology to process seaweed while better retaining key nutrients and started my business in 2015, supplying Scottish seaweed as an ingredient for foods.

“In 2018, I launched the Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful nutritional supplements in order to help people more easily benefit from seaweed.”

Doctor Seaweed – Dr Craig Rose on rocks with seaweed
Doctor Seaweed, aka Craig Rose

What are the dangers of iodine deficiency?

“Lack of iodine negatively impacts thyroid health, which controls many aspects of our wider wellness including skin, hair and nails, weight management and brain function.

“During all stages of the menopause, an underactive thyroid, which can be linked to insufficient iodine intake, can exacerbate symptoms.”

How can spas help their guests identify deficiency?

“To find out existing iodine intake, spas can share a very simple, 20-second online test with guests.

“This allows anyone to see if they are getting enough iodine – most of us are not!”

Dr Seaweed Weed and Wonderful supplements
The range of Doctor Seaweed Weed and Wonderful nutritional supplements

What products, treatments and supplements can help?

“When it comes to iodine, seaweed is the only natural plant-based source.

“Knowing where your seaweed is from is very important to ensure the sustainability, safety and nutrition.

“Not everyone can or wishes to eat seaweed daily, so supplements are the ideal way to get seaweed’s nutrition into your diet.”

Nicola Miskin Seaweed Underwater 1
Seaweed underwater, | © Nicola Miskin

How can iodine can help spas meet the ever growing demand for menopause-related solutions?

“Spas already offer fantastic wellness experiences to those visiting. I believe they’re well placed to extend this and build in broader seaweed-based experiences, linking products, treatments and nutrition.

“Nutrition can be an extremely positive, effective way to help ease menopause symptoms.

“We find our customers see real benefits at all stages of their menopause journey but the big one around thyroid health.

“Thyroid impacts so many women even at a sub-clinical level, where they will have many symptoms but not be considered clinically hypothyroidic.

“Natural seaweed-based supplement can supports women health from within.”

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