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Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire puts hypnotherapy on the menu

Hypnotherapist Mark Williams expands spa offering with Deep Mind Massage


By Mark Smith

28 January 2021

The Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, UK, recently announced a collaboration with hypnotherapist Mark Williams aimed at allowing guests to explore the origins of hypnosis through Deep Mind Massage in order to gain a better understanding of how they can reach new goals and improve their mental wellbeing.

Each one-hour session will be personalised to fit individual needs and guests can continue their therapy with a complimentary hypnosis recording to listen to at home. Deep Mind Massage will also be available as part of a package that includes the spa’s existing range of massage therapies.

We asked Mark Williams how hypnosis can help spa guests.

What can hypnotherapy offer spas and their guests?

Hypnotherapy can make spas a ‘one-stop shop’ for mind and body. At Four Seasons Hampshire we have put together a unique concept in Deep Mind Massage. With my dedicated help and positive attitude, we can work together to help reduce or remove challenges from each guest’s life.

Deep Mind Massage can be included as part of a wellness immersion at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire

How does it work within a spa setting?

Therapists often ask their clients to try and relax in order to maximise the benefits of massages, and hypnotherapy can truly help them to switch off. Ideally, guests would have a combined session of hypnotherapy followed by a spa treatment as soon as they arrive, as this will help them to benefit more from the whole of their stay.

Who is hynotherapy most suitable for?

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process and clients should treat it as an investment in themselves. In particular, Deep Mind Massage is ideal for a hotel guest who cannot switch off from work or home pressures. It is also proving popular with spa members who have personal issues they do not have time to fix elsewhere.

Deep Mind Massage can be a one-off session, but if guests have any major challenges then at least two or three sessions are more beneficial.

“Self-hypnosis is a tool we should be using every day, during lockdown or not, and it can take just a few sessions to learn the skill.”

Mark Williams

Hypnotherapist, Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire

Is this something all spas could embrace?

Yes, all spas could benefit from hypnotherapy, but I feel it takes a certain style to work most effectively – one based in being ‘in the now’, which can be tailored to suit each individual guest.

How could hypnotherapy benefit guests after the Covid-19 lockdown

Hypnosis has a proven track record of helping people in difficult times to look forward to the future. Self-hypnosis is a tool we should be using every day, during lockdown or not, and it can take just a few sessions to learn the skill. I also highly recommend a monthly booster session, either in person or on-line.

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