Canyon Ranch announces death of founder, Mel Zuckerman

Melvin 'Mel' Zuckerman, who founded the pioneering wellness resort in Tucson, Arizona in 1978, died peacefully at the age of 94, surrounded by his family


By Wendy Golledge

21 March 2023

Canyon Ranch has announced that its founder, Mel Zuckerman, died peacefully last weekend at the age of 94.

Created by Zuckerman in 1978 in Tucson, Arizona, Canyon Ranch was a first-of-its-kind wellness resort. With a pioneering integrative approach, using holistic methods and treatments, plus evidence from both western and eastern cultures, Canyon Ranch was the original trailblazer of integrative wellness.

Mel and Enid Zucherman founders of Canyon Ranch
Mel Zuckerman and his wife Enid, a well-loved philanthropist

Wellness pioneer

Long before ‘wellness’ was a household word, Mel Zuckerman’s chief mission was to transform people’s lives, helping them to live younger and longer through health and wellness.

Canyon Ranch now has four immersive destinations in the US and a global reputation as a symbol of the ‘well’ way of life.

Approaches popularised at Canyon Ranch – from yoga and meditation to plant-based diets and integrative medicine – have all gone on to become staples of the mainstream.

Mel and Enid Zucherman

“As a matter of fact I do believe Canyon Ranch has changed the world. It’s such a gift to so many people… it’s what makes life worth living.”

Mel Zuckerman

Founder, Canyon Ranch

A lasting legacy

A husband to Enid and a father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Zuckerman leaves behind an impressive legacy.

A fund has been established with Pima County Joint Technical Education District (JTed) in the US to support education for high-school students and young adults pursuing careers in medicine.

The Enid and Mel Zuckerman Health and Medical Careers High School Fund will go towards a new building on the Pima JTED Innovative Learning Center Campus in Tucson, Arizona.


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