Buchinger Wilhelmi launches new holistic and medical programming

World-renowned fasting and integrative medicine clinic reveals it’s entering the field of epigenetics for the first time in 2024


By Wendy Golledge

12 January 2024

Therapeutic wellness clinic Buchinger Wilhelmi, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary, has introduced a number of new holistic and medical programmes for 2024.

The family-owned fasting and medical spa on Lake Constance in Überlingen, Germany, will be entering the field of epigenetics and pharmacogenetics for the first time.

This will give guests the opportunity to have their genetic predispositions examined. Buchinger Wilhelmi will then provide an insight into their propensities for diseases including heart and vascular diseases, glaucoma and diabetes.

Additional testing in the field of pharmacogenetics will help shed light on the tolerability and effectiveness of medicines for each guest.

Sunset swim in an outdoor pool
Buchinger Wilhelmi boasts eight themed gardens and an ourdoor pool

New microbiome analysis and IV drip therapy

Buchinger Wilhelmi is also introducing microbiome analysis, infusion therapy – IV drips – using its own infusion protocols, as well as Interval Hypoxia Hypertension Training (IHHT) or altitude training.

The comprehensive new microbiome analyses will measure the levels of health-associated or pathogenic bacteria in guests’ intestines, as well as the markers of leaky gut and chronic inflammation.

The results, which will be available within seven days, will include a detailed composition about the bacterial flora, as well as insights into intestinal health.

This analysis will feed into personalised guidance and treatment recommendations for the remainder of the guest’s stay plus inform key health and lifestyle takeaways.

“This year, the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic will also partner with Berlin-based cosmetic brand, I+M, to launch an all-natural cosmetics line, building on our line of organic creams and bath products.”

Leonard Wilhelmi

Managing director, Buchinger Wilhelmi

A fully holistic offering

Buchinger Wilhelmi recently welcomed two new specialists in the fields of psychological therapy and traditional Chinese medicine to its team. They will allow guests to experience Qi Gong and Qi Therapy as well as mental health coaching and stress relieving autogenic training.

In 2024, the medi-spa will place greater focus on meditation and yoga with classes from Vinyasa Flow to Hatha and Yin Yoga.

In addition to all the new offerings, Buchinger Wilhelmi’s team of doctors and scientists will  continue to investigate the effect of fasting on long Covid and its impact on the gut microbiome.

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