Buchinger Wilhelmi launches transformative travel experiences

By Wendy Golledge


By Wendy Golledge

17 February 2023

World-renowned therapeutic fasting and integrative medicine clinic, Buchinger Wilhelmi, has revealed a new transformative travel calendar for the coming year.

The clinic in Überlingen on Lake Constance, Germany, which is this year celebrating its 70th anniversary, has outlined a new holistic programme of events.

The programme has been conceived to enhance personal growth and self-reflection – an emerging factor in motivating guests to visit the clinic.

A sea change

The team, which comprises 10 doctors spanning an array of specialisms from rheumatology to naturopathy, homeopathy to diabetes, has noted that, after several tumultuous years for most, there has been a sea change in the profile and motivations of its guests.

Visitors now seek an opportunity to de-stress and detox in a private ‘bubble’, giving them the chance to discover new perspectives.

Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic
The Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic at dawn

In 2023, the average length of a stay has extended from 10 days to 14.5 – testament to the rise in hybrid working and people having more work flexibility, as well as people prioritising health like never before.

The average age of guests has decreased over the past five years and there is now an equal split between men and women.

Preventative health, as opposed to targeting active health problems, is now taking priority.

“Transformative and preventative health retreats are what guests are requesting for 2023.”

Leonard Wilhelmi

Managing Director, Buchinger Wilhelmi

“As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of our establishment, we have outlined a holistic calendar of activities in line with increasing demand for transformative health retreats,” continues Wilhelmi.

“Each activity has been carefully selected to encourage self-reflection and personal health.

“As we continue to drive the brand forwards with innovative research and therapies, we are ever determined to meet the evolving needs of our guests, such as the emerging prioritisation of sleep, which we hope to address with our upcoming Sleep Laboratory.”

Preventative health

Keen to deliver a fully holistic offering, Buchinger Wilhelmi’s new programme for 2023 includes Reflect on the Therapeutic Power of Music, led by music therapist Anna E. Röcker.

There will be mindful meditation weeks led by Buddhist monk and meditation instructor Lharampa Tenzin Kalden, and Learn the Art of Meditation, with Jesuit and Zen Master, Niklas Brantschen.

Four arts weeks will run under the supervision of freelance artist and art teacher, Joanna Klakla.

The clinic has also planned a French-speaking week in November, a yoga and self-reflection seminar in December and a sustainability focused workshop in February 2024.

Daily walks at Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic
The average age of guests to the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic has decreased

New specialisms

The clinic has also welcomed two new specialists in the fields of psychological therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

They will offer therapies including Qi Gong and Qi Therapy as well as mental health coaching and stress relieving autogenic training.

Throughout 2023, Buchinger Wilhelmi will continue investigating the effect of fasting on long-COVID and its impact on the gut microbiome, with results of studies expected later this year.

Functional Training at Buchinger Wilhelmi
Functional Training at Buchinger Wilhelmi

Be transformed...

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