BABTAC launches TIME consumer safety campaign

The British Association of Beauty and Cosmetology has launched its first consumer safety initiative


By Wendy Golledge

06 February 2023

The British Association of Beauty and Cosmetology’s (BABTAC) new TIME campaign was unveiled at the Houses of Parliament.

TIME aims to give consumers an easier way to understand, and remember, the things they should be asking a beauty therapist when going for treatments, to better protect themselves.

The TIME regulatory checklist has been created to provide the framework necessary to ensure consumers know how to choose evidence-based, professional fit-for-purpose services.

Millie Kendall, OBE with Lesley Blair, MBE and Caroline Hirons

Improving regulation

The current lack of legislation in the UK beauty industry means there is nothing to stop someone with little or no training establishing themselves as a seemingly professional therapist.

As a recently aired episode of Botched on ITV demonstrates, the potential extreme consequences of unregulated beauty treatments mean this campaign cannot come soon enough.

Lesley Blair MBE, BABTAC CEO and chair, said: “Lack of regulation in our industry means that consumers are being exposed to potentially unsafe situations all too often.”

"This regulatory checklist aims to serve as a simple but effective reminder to help consumers choose professional therapists and minimise any risk.”

Lesley Blair MBE

CEO and chair, BABTAC

TIME stands for ...

TRAINING – What training and qualifications, including continual professional development (CPD) do you and all your staff have?


INSURANCE – Are you insured and who by?


MONITORING – Do you carry out pre and post-appointment processes such as patch tests, consultations and aftercare?


EVIDENCE – Can you provide certified proof of training and insurance and client testimonials?

MP John McNally with Lesley Blair, MBE

A BABTAC consumer survey found that only 38 per cent of consumers are aware the beauty industry it isn’t regulated.

Almost three quarters (70 per cent) believed their therapists held relevant qualifications, yet more than 90 per cent stated they would not feel comfortable asking to see those qualifications.

Most notably, almost all consumers from both surveys believed that the industry should be regulated and that there should be a recognisable certification applied to fit-for-purpose training.

“Therapists and the industry as a whole can help reiterate the importance of consumers understanding the potential risks of opting for treatments with unqualified beauticians.”

Millie Kendall OBE

Founder and CEO, British Beauty Council

“It is worrying that such a high percentage of consumers are completely unaware that the beauty industry remains largely unregulated,” said Millie Kendall, founder and CEO of the British Beauty Council.

“We at the British Beauty Council are pleased to be supporting BABTAC with the launch of the TIME initiative, which will help inform consumers on what they should be looking for when choosing a treatment and urge therapists to spread the message.”

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