British Beauty Council calls for greater collaboration on sustainability

‘The Courage to Change’ report highlights issues and solutions for a more responsible industry


By Sarah Todd

03 December 2020

The British Beauty Council has released a sustainability report and called upon the industry to collaborate through the creation of a Sustainable Beauty Coalition.

The Courage to Change report was commissioned by the council’s CEO, Millie Kendall, MBE along with Aromatherapy Associates’ CEO Anna Teal, who is also the council’s Pillar President for Innovation.

The report highlights the growing eco-awareness of consumers

Researched and written by social impact consultancy Junxion Strategy, the report features a survey of 3,000 UK residents commissioned by environmental charity Hubbub.

Among the topics addressed is the confusion that exists about which products can be recycled and which cannot. Other consumer concerns highlighted include the over abundance of plastic, ocean pollution and cruelty to animals.

Setting out a vision and action plan for a more sustainable beauty sector in the UK, as well as the role that both government and consumers might play, the report also outlines the key sustainability-related issues affecting the beauty industry.

“It’s time the beauty industry started working together like we’re seeing other industries do,” said Anna Teal. “We believe The Courage to Change report was an urgent first step towards a collective industry effort.

“With the growing interest in responsible consumption and the collective consciousness that has been borne out of a global pandemic and six months of social unrest, prioritising sustainability isn’t just the right thing to do, it makes good business sense, too.”

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