A third of men feel spas don’t cater to them, Champneys’ survey reveals

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

17 September 2021

Destination spa group Champneys has revealed the results of a 2021 survey examining the misconceptions surrounding men, self-care and spas. 

The survey, which had a participation pool of 1,000 UK men, found that male grooming is on the rise with more men incorporating some sort of wellness routine – through nutrition, fitness or spa visits –  into their daily lives. 

However, Champneys also found that 36 per cent – more than a third –  of participants believed that there is a stigma attached to men visiting a spa. The same number felt that spas were too feminine, while 29 per cent felt spas don’t cater to men and 21 per cent said they would only visit a spa if they were accompanied by a female partner or friend. 

The survey found that Gen Z men were the most enthusiastic about prioritising self-care

In spite of this, 22 per cent, more than one in five respondents, said they would like to prioritise their wellness and wellbeing, with Gen Z men – those whose birth dates fall between the mid-to-late 1990s and mid-2010s – being the most enthusiastic to incorporate things like skincare, massage, spa treatments and nutrition into their lives.

A quarter of respondents also said that they would like to see more male-specific treatments in spas.

“Here at Champneys, the split between male and female clients is close to 40 per cent male and 60 per cent female visitors at weekends,” said Nicola Eager, group commercial director at Champneys.

"We’ve already started to see a shift in stereotypes in the wellness industry being broken down for men, our research has highlighted there’s still work to be done."

Laura Tatlow

Group director, Champneys

“In addition , 39 per cent of our male social media followers are aged between 25-35 years old and 32 per cent between 35-44, suggesting millennial men are leading the way in prioritising self-care and wellbeing.”

While this seems promising, the findings show that there is still some way to go to make spas inclusive spaces for men as 33 per cent of respondents claimed they don’t feel comfortable in a spa.

Men aged between 35-44 were the most divided in opinion with 35 per cent  in the age bracket saying there is a stigma attached to men going to the spa, while 12 per cent of this sub-category said they like spa days but never go on them. 

Similarly, 20 per cent of all respondents said they would like to receive a spa day as a gift, while only eight per cent had received spa days as a present. 

The survey found that massages were the most popular treatment amongst men aged 25-34

Respondents were also asked about their favourite treatments, with the survey revealing that massages, facials and manicures were men’s preferred treatments.

Massages were the most popular amongst men aged 25-34 with facials not far behind, while 16-24-year-olds preferred manicures and other nail services.

Commenting on the findings, Champneys’ group director Laura Tatlow said: “Visiting a spa is not only beneficial as a one-off break but a way to prioritise self-care, to ensure you’re always putting your wellness first – which is why we believe spas are absolutely for everyone.

“Although we’ve already started to see a shift in stereotypes in the wellness industry being broken down for men, our research has highlighted there’s still work to be done.

“Although this shift is gradual, we look forward to seeing many more men feel comfortable to enjoy time at a spa and continue to prioritise their own wellbeing, with the help of the wellness industry making it more accessible to them and their needs.”

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