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111SKIN launches high-tech beauty supplements

By Mark Smith

By Mark Smith

18 February 2021

111SKIN has introduced a targeted trio of Beauty Doses to support skin health.

Intensive Beauty Dose addresses skin ageing; Clarity Beauty Dose promises to remedy acneic and blemished skin; and Reparative Beauty Dose works to fortify overall skin health.

Brand founder, Dr Yannis Alexandrides has drawn on over 20 years of surgical, medical and aesthetic experience to develop the three high-tech formulas.

“I have always recognised the gut and skin connection. The gut is, after all, often referred to as ‘the second brain’. Supplements, through their oral bioavailability, nourish our cellular ecosystem via their bioactive compounds, supporting the skin’s homeostasis, health and function”

Dr Yannis Alexandrides

Founder, 111SKIN

The fusion of bioidentical actives, synthetic complexes, botanical extracts, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins are  combined through synthesising technology. This unique method of combining targeted ingredients in a bioavailable delivery system is said to optimise skin health by nourishing the gut microflora.




Formulated to slow the process of ageing, these encapsulated antioxidants target oxidative stress from free-radical damage and internal toxins. Formulated with vitamin C, glutathione, liquorice root extract, phytoceramide complex and botanical antioxidants.



Acneic or blemished skin is often the result of internal imbalance. This blend works to detoxify and repopulate the gut with a combination of digestive enzymes and probiotics. Formulated with vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid, chlorella, evening primrose extract and a digestive enzyme blend.



Fortifying overall skin health, the potent blend of synthetic and botanical ingredients work to strengthen the barrier function, increase skin’s collagen synthesis, fight against environmental damage and calm inflammation. Formulated with NAC, full spectrum vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, vitamin A, cultured greens and taurine.


Produced in the USA by an FDA-approved laboratory, the supplements are vegetarian and cruelty-free.


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