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Treatment focus: Face Spa by Beata Aleksandrowicz

Sarah Camilleri joins the wellness expert’s Sunday night online session to find out more about the power of self-massage and intention

By Sarah Camilleri

11 December 2020

“Leave everything behind you and welcome yourself into this space. Together we can experience the power of touch and the serenity it brings,” says Beata Aleksandrowicz during a guided meditation and breath work at the start of last Sunday night’s Face Spa session.

It’s the end of a long week and her words start to take effect on me as I intently tune into what will turn out to be an extraordinary and transformational 45-minute guided self-massage session on Zoom, all in the comfort of my own home.

Beata Aleksandrowicz leads a Face Spa session

I am wearing a robe and not much else, which feels slightly strange in front of my work computer but I go with it. Beside me is my favourite facial oil, a big glass of water and a headband. I angle my computer screen for modesty and click the invitation to join Face Spa, where a group of 35 other women have also discovered Beata’s transformative self-care and self-massage.

The experience is quite remarkable. Although I am alone at home, courtesy of Face Spa I feel I am tapped right into the energy of the group taking during the session. ‘Alone together’ we are  guided by Beata’s gentle instructions in a safe space where we dance through a sequence of movements.

“I would personally recommend everyone tries Face Spa by Beata Aleksandrowicz. In just 45 minutes I have achieved real relaxation and self-alignment, amplified somehow by the collective energy of the group.”

Sarah Camilleri

Founding editor and publisher, European Spa

We flip, we slide we soothe and we drain away puffiness or congestion in the skin. In fact every muscle in the face is provided with a sense of relaxation. I copy her deft hand moments and quickly master new ways to release tension, shift emotion and fully engage the lymphatic system to refresh my face.

The shift in how I feel is palpable my guided self-massage  works on on my senses and self. At one stage I actually feel a little teary, but it passes as I let everything go and settle into the rhythm of the movements.

After saying goodnight, I realise how different my energy levels feel now. My face feels soft and I am calm. I decide to avoid the TV and social media, instead, I pick up a book and make a cup of herbal tea. I am sound asleep in 10 minutes – out like a light for eight hours solid. The power of Face Spa moves me into Monday refreshed, empowered and glowing.

Face Spa by Beata Aleksandrowicz

Created by one Europe’s most renowned spa trainers, Face Spa by Beata Aleksandrowicz is an authentic at-home spa experience and part of a wave of wellness innovation that she has developed in order to take spa to people’s homes during lockdown.


Beata’s innovative and powerful ‘spa at home’ approach has drawn a notable following of people, mostly women, who are looking for respite at a time when access to spas is restricted.


An extensive knowledge of healing modalities for face and body has allowed Beata to create a powerful, guided self-massage that she has successfully translated into a number of online healing programmes, including Face Spa.

Face Spa time...

Face Spa by Beata Aleksandrowicz is a 45-minute class that can be taken in the comfort of your own home every Sunday at 8.30pm GMT. Beata also runs a vibrant Face Workout on Thursday, 8.30pm GMT. For more information, click below

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