The Well Spa in Wales takes a fresh approach to green energy and sustainability

By Mark Smith


By Mark Smith

27 March 2023

The Well Spa at Pembrokeshire’s Bluestone National Park Resort has taken a new approach to its energy consumption, switching to 100 per cent BioLPG and obtaining its electricity from certified renewable sources.

The team has also introduced sustainable seaweed baths to its treatment menu, using hand-harvested seaweed from Câr-y-Môr, a new community-owned regenerative ocean farm in Wales.

woman smiling at camera

“Our main aim at The Well Spa is to provide our guests with a wonderful spa experience in an environmentally responsible manner, thus working with a community benefit society and investing in green energy are just two ways in which we’re trying to show that sustainability and luxurious indulgence are not mutually exclusive.”

Samantha Hewer

Manager, The Well Spa

Switch to green energy at The Well Spa

The Well Spa reviewed its operation and has focused its attention on energy consumption, and now purchases its electricity on a REGO-backed tariff. This means that every kilowatt-hour used is replaced by one from certified renewable sources.

Earlier in 2023, Bluestone became the first hospitality business in Wales to switch its gas supply to 100 per cent BioLPG, an alternative to standard propane, made from plant and vegetable waste. This has substantially reduced the business’s carbon emissions.

woman laying in a hot sauna
The Well Spa Sauna at Bluestone National Park

To put this into perspective, in a normal year of operation, The Well Spa could expect to use 240,000 kwh of electricity and 29,000 litres of gas. With a standard electricity tariff and conventional propane, that level of energy use would equate to the emission of 91.7 tonnes of greenhouse gases. By using BioLPG and a REGO-backed tariff, that figure is reduced by 99.9% to just 62kg.

Sustainable seaweed

Seaweed is well known for its therapeutic properties and is said to relieve a range of ailments. In spas it is widely used in wellness treatments and is renowned for its skin enhancing properties.

The Well Spa has worked with Câr-y-Môr, a community-based society with over 200 members who operate a farm in the seas off the St David’s Peninsula in Pembrokeshire, growing native seaweed and shellfish species with techniques designed to improve the coastal environment.

Woman bathing in seaweed at home
Locally sourced, sustainable seaweed baths at The Well Spa

“Regenerative ocean farming is a form of aquaculture that sets out to produce food – or in this case, seaweed for spa treatments, while enhancing the marine environment and creating fulfilling jobs for local people in a highly seasonal coastal community,” says Câr-y-Môr general manager, Justin Davis.

“We maximise the positive environmental impact of the farm by growing many types of seaweeds and shellfish, which avoids monocultures and mimics natural marine processes. No feed, fertiliser, chemicals or freshwater are used.”

seaweed beds along the rugged coast with cliffs and blue skies
Câr-y-Môr seaweed beds in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Benefits also include the creation of a nursery habitat, coastal storm protection and improved water quality. Studies has shown that regenerative ocean farming can also increase biodiversity and uptake of nitrates and phosphates.

The Well Spa partners with ESPA and Dibi Milano for its treatment menu. Spa facilities include experience showers, ice pod, sea salt cave, meditation suite, hydrotherapy pool, marine steam and herbal steam room, Celtic sauna and brick sauna.

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