Sparcstudio: Defining a new era of wellness design

By Sarah Todd


By Sarah Todd

23 March 2021

Sparcstudio is a award-winning, UK-based, independent spa, wellness and hospitality design studio led by owner/directors Beverley Bayes, Neil Fairplay and Tom Howell.

The company has provided conceptual interior and architectural creations, space planning, lighting design and finishing touches to successful and leading edge spas including Cottonmill Spa at Sopwell House, Aqua Sana at Center Parcs Longford Forest and Sherwood Forest, and Rockliffe Hall Spa to name just a few.

"It is inevitable that spa and wellness, post-pandemic, will become an ever more important part of our lives. Excellent design will be absolutely key in the creation of spas that are unique, have heart and soul, and relate to our collective desire to connect with nature."

Beverley Bayes

Creative director, Sparcstudio

The Sparcstudio team has a reputation for delivering superlative atmospheric and theatrical spaces with real warmth, light and ‘heart and soul’, and they always have their fingers firmly on the pulse of innovation trend development.

We asked creative director Beverley Bayes to outline what she thinks are the three key spa design features for 2021.

Curves, waves and organic forms

“Curved, soft, cosseting forms will be a strong theme in spa design, offering a comforting embrace for spa users. These will be evident in many elements ranging from curved organic pools such as the ‘wild swimming’ pool at South Lodge (main picture).

“Curved joinery and furniture will also be a trend. For example, the statement curved sofas that we created for Champneys Mottram Hall, as well as the bespoke organic sauna (pictured above) and ice feature that we also designed as part of its new pool enhancements.”

Reconnecting with nature

“2020 saw the entire country embrace the great outdoors and spas followed by extending their spa gardens, making greater use of outside space to help with social distancing, which created a true connection between the spa and nature. This trend will explode in 2021 as spas realise the full potential of converting outside terraces and underused gardens into useable spa relaxation and wellness spaces.

“We are also designing stretch zones and personal training areas that extend beyond interior gym spaces to an outside decks, such as that at The Spa at South Lodge (pictured above).

“Experiences can also include a yoga deck; a dedicated natural area for ‘forest bathing’; curved seating around a firepit; or a circular walk through a herb garden.

Natural swimming pools offer a sense of freedom and escapism while tapping into the popularity of wild swimming. These freshwater, naturally filtered pools and ponds are set to become an essential element for any forward thinking, eco-conscious spa developer.”


“This new hybrid concept is where Japanese design meets a Scandinavian to create an aesthetic that embraces escapism and works to create a calming, comforting atmosphere. It is characterised by clean lines, minimalism and beautiful, often bespoke, furniture that is both functional and stylish.

“Expect to see neutral, earthy colour tones with natural stone and timber contrasted with soft linens and fabrics. On a deeper level, the elements of Japanese design bring a physical connection to the natural world to provide the kind of inspiration that is at the heart of Sparcstudio’s approach to the space-planning and creation of contemporary spas.”

Be inspired...

Sparcstudio’s turnkey wellness design services are suitable for spas, hotels and wellness resorts looking for unique, standout design. To find out more about the company’s award-winning offer, click below

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