News launches new Real Men Relax campaign

The campaign coincides with Men's Health Week and follows on from a launch last year, which featured Gallagher Premiership rugby players (pictured)


By Wendy Golledge

13 June 2024

Spa booking agency has launched its annual campaign to coincide with Men’s Health Week.

Titled ‘Real Men Relax’, the campaign aims to highlight the reasons why men should visit spas – for their health, fitness and overall wellness.

It explores the barriers men experience when visiting spas and also the benefits spa can bring to physical and mental wellness. has teamed up with male ambassadors including Darren Harris, Britain’s most capped blind footballer, and Newport Town striker Will Evans.

They are joined by Apprentice contestant, CEO Reece Donnelly, viral influencers the Four Lads in Jeans, and suicide prevention charity runner David Slater.

Reece Donnelly is an ambassador for’s Real Men Relax campaign

Managing everyday challenges

The Real Men Relax campaign explores the reasons men need time to unwind including stress prevention, recovery and mental freedom.

It looks to highlight the array of reasons men can benefit from a visit to a spa, and how this may help manage everyday challenges.

Each of the campaign ambassadors has spoken of their individual reasons for using a spa and benefits they’ve experienced.

“A spa break gives time to rest, restore and recuperate; feel great, be quiet and most of all feel safe and supported. There’s no bravado, no need to pretend and no need to support anyone else for a while. For me, that’s what spas are all about.”

Abi Selby


“Spabreaks has a 16-year history of promoting spas as places that everybody should feel able to enjoy,” said Abi Selby, founder, “I’m incredibly proud of the work my team has done to show any man that spas are for them as well.

“Spas can help whether you’re not feeling quite yourself, feeling low, stressed, bullied, tired or overwhelmed, and also if you’re feeling great and want to stay that way.”

Breaking down barriers in spas

Suicide is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 50 in the UK and an estimated 40% of men are unwilling to talk to anyone about their mental health.

David Slater has completed 519 consecutive days of running to raise awareness for suicide prevention. He uses spas to recover and ensure he can keep going in his quest to raise money.

“I run to raise awareness of the fact that suicide is the biggest killer of young people under the age of 35,” he said. “Using spa facilities has been integral to my ability to keep running – supporting me both physically and mentally.”'s Real Men Relax campaign again coincides with Men's Health Week

Footballer Will Evans added: “I regularly use spas to support my performance on the pitch. From massages to ice baths and saunas, it all helps me to prepare for matches. It’s the fine margins that you invest in off the pitch that make the difference when it comes to the big games.”

For Darren Harris, Team GB’s most capped and decorated blind footballer, spas provide inclusion and freedom. “There are no barriers at a spa and no judgement, everyone is there to relax and enjoy some much-needed peace and relaxation,” he said.

“I congratulate Spabreaks on their bold and encouraging campaign. The spa industry can play a bigger role in bridging the gap with wellbeing services in future and needs to raise its appeal to men."

Sarah Camilleri

Founder and editor, European Spa

“Spas can certainly help immensely with stress and relaxation but this campaign also raises important questions about preparing our industry for future demand,” said European Spa founder and editor Sarah Camilleri.

“Are our therapists able to deal with deeper mental health issues? What protocols or training do spas have in place to ensure their teams know how to deal with someone with severe anxiety, grief or depression? 

“Our therapists need more training to best serve people with real mental health issues or they could be put into situations that are unfair and potentially unsafe. For spas to be able to safely welcome all comers – including anyone dealing with mental health issues – there is still work to be done.” is offering a wider range of deals and offers aimed at men as part of the Real Men Relax campaign.

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