Six Senses Ibiza opens 'one-of-a-kind' RoseBar longevity club

RoseBar programmes will give guests insights and tools to lengthen lifespan


By Wendy Golledge

24 May 2023

Six Senses Ibiza has launched RoseBar, a new longevity club that offers a blend of the latest expertise in longevity and functional medicine alongside insights into long-held spiritual wisdom.

RoseBar will offer guests an integrative approach to holistic wellness with programmes offering tools to lengthen lifespan and help guests achieve long-term wellbeing by enhancing the body’s natural repair systems and activating biological pathways.

A small step towards a healthier life

RoseBar has been created by Six Senses Ibiza’s chief medical officer Dr Mark Hyman, alongside an advisory board with a broad spectrum of expertise and experience.

Other notable experts on the leadership team include medical anthropologist and neuroscientist, Dr Matthew Cook and Six Senses wellness pioneer member, Anna Bjurstam.

They are joined by Dr Tamsin Lewis, a member of the Peptide Therapy fellowship faculty at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

RoseBar Infrared Sauna at Six Senses Ibiza
The RoseBar infrared sauna

“We typically overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year,” explains Dr Mark Hyman, Six Senses Ibiza’s functional medicine expert and chief medical officer.

“It only takes one small step to work your way towards a healthier life. These new offerings at RoseBar are designed to help guests build the confidence they need to embark on that journey.”

RoseBar for longevity

The new longevity club spans more than 465sqm and offers state-of-the-art treatments including full body cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and IV Infusions. There is also an infrared sauna and cold plunge.

Extensive diagnostic testing and functional medicine consultations are used to create a highly personalised programme, which may include biohacking, regenerative ozone therapy, red light therapy, shamanic healing or somatic therapy.

Sound healing in the RoseBar garden

Each bespoke longevity programme is led by a doctor, nutritionist and health coach to give guests the insight they need to restore and regenerate their health span.

RoseBar offers a programmes to address immunity, rejuvenation, optimisation, renewal, and spiritual wisdom.

Longevity programmes are either three or seven days and include a comprehensive annual membership to keep guests on the right path after they depart, with regular diagnostics.

Wellness at Six Senses Ibiza

RoseBar enhances the resort’s existing wellness programming, which includes daily activities such as yoga, meditation, sound healing and cacao ceremonies.

The resort offers spa treatments, personal wellness screenings and group retreats with international experts.

The launch of RoseBar will further cement Six Senses Ibiza as a leading wellness destination.

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Entrace to the RoseBar Six Senses Ibiza
The entrance to RoseBar at Six Senses Ibiza

Young Forever Longevity retreat

From June 12-18, Six Senses Ibiza will run the transformative Young Forever Longevity retreat at the RoseBar.


Led by Dr Mark Hyman the programme will be based on utilising food as medicine, exercise and lifestyle practices. Using RoseBar’s biohacking and regenerative therapies, Dr Hyman will offer an experiential, educational immersive experience.


The retreat will feature daily organic anti-inflammatory meals as well as exercise, yoga and bodywork. Dr Hyman will present seminars unpacking the latest science of health and wellness, biohacking, and longevity.


Treatments will include cryotherapy, saunas, nutritional IV’s, hyperbaric oxygen, hypoxia treatments and ozone therapy, all employed to help reverse guests’ biological age.

Be young...

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