Noel Asmar launches a new eco-friendly range of medical scrubs

Asmar Scrubs are designed for spas offering medically focused treatments as new approaches to wellness and self-care emerge


By Wendy Golledge

01 November 2022

Noel Asmar Uniforms is expanding its product line to support the growing medical spa and healthcare markets, with the launch of the new Asmar Scrubs collection.

The uniforms supplier is marking its 20th anniversary with the new collection of Made For the Way You Move eco-friendly scrubs. With styles for both men and women, the collection of tops and bottoms feature well-placed pockets, badge tabs, reflective branding for safety, and a water-repellent finish to improve durability, while being quick-drying and fade and spill-resistant.

“We elevated spa uniforms 20 years ago but since that time we’ve seen an evolution in the spa and wellness industry,” says founder and CEO, Noel Asmar. “More medically focused treatments are being offered and new approaches to wellness and self-care are emerging. As a result of this shift, we could see a need for a modern, comfortable, stretchy and breathable, athletic-inspired scrub.”

Asmar Scrubs in navy
Asmar Scrubs offer a comfortable, stretchy, breathable, athletic-inspired scrub for medispa professionals

Uniforms made for the way professionals move

“We’re seeing an integration of traditional spa services with more medicalised treatments; clients are looking at their wellbeing from every angle, from appearance and aesthetics to physical and emotional health,” says Asmar. “Asmar Scrubs is the natural next step in that process.

“We began designing with the same practical, clever details we’re known for, only this time applied to uniforms specifically made for the way medical professionals move. The fit, the fabric and the feel are modern and flattering.”

A growing demand for medispa

Medical spas have shown a strong recovery post-pandemic, with the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) noting that 90 per cent of American medical spas are anticipating increased revenue this year. The AmSpa report also notes that the medispa industry currently employs approximately 70,000 people in the United States, with diverse roles including registered nurses, nurse practitioners, aestheticians and massage therapists.

Noel Asmar

“ A uniform builds trust... This is just as true for medical spa professionals – the right uniform empowers; it tells the client you’re a knowledgeable professional."

Noel Asmar

Founder and CEO, Noel Asmar Uniforms

“A uniform builds trust. It’s an identifier and a way to communicate before an appointment even begins,” says Asmar. “Uniforms become a prominent part of a brand’s identity and unite team members, which trickles down to a client’s perception and overall experience. This is just as true for medical spa professionals – the right uniform empowers; it tells the client you’re a knowledgeable professional.

“The growing demand for medspa treatments was the catalyst for our design team to consider a scrubs collection. Now we can cater to more roles in these industries and ensure every team member looks and feels empowered.”

Beyond emphasising style and design, the Asmar Scrubs collection also focuses on sustainability, offering a more eco-friendly uniform option. The material used – EcoSoftMD – is made from recycled water bottles, which are crushed into pellets and then spun into fabric. As a result, Noel Asmar Uniforms, has diverted more than 1.4 million water bottles from landfills.

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