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New formula for Crème Placenta by Biologique Recherche

Crème Iso-Placenta replaces hero skincare cream with new active ingredients promising better results for acne and skin blemishes

By Mark Smith

28 January 2021

Biologique Recherche has launched Crème Iso-Placenta, a reformulated version of its original Crème Placenta with new active ingredients, promising improved results for ‘Skin Instants’ with acne.

Crème Iso-Placenta is based on a combination of active ingredients that promote cellular regeneration to help reconstruct acne damaged skin, providing all the nutrients and growth factors required by simulating the properties of the human placenta.

Derived from microbial biotechnology, the ingredients mimic the cellular regeneration of the placenta to correct scarring and blemishes resulting from acne.

Biomimetic placenta offers the same growth factors as human placenta and also stimulates  fibroblasts, thereby increasing the synthesis of elastin and collagen, key proteins for maintaining the skin’s mechanical properties.

The advanced formula also contains maracuja oil, centella extract, vitamin B3, yeast extract, vitamin C, and Biologique Recherche’s plant complex.

Regular use is said to reduce the traces left by acne, smooth the skin, reduce redness and leave the skin more supple and elastic.

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