Luxury spa brand Natura Bissé opens Casa-Fábrica in Barcelona

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

16 August 2022

Luxury spa brand Natura Bissé has opened its purpose-built new headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, designed by leading Spanish architects Juan Trias de Bes and Marta Pascua of TbD. Elegant and sleek, the new home of the Natura Bissé Group will focus the brand’s future delivery of global innovation, sustainability and excellence in beauty and wellbeing. 

Called Casa-Fábrica, the brand’s sleek, purpose-built new headquarters located in Barcelona’s Synchrotron Park, occupies an impressive 15,000sqm footprint, which houses the international brand’s central offices, as well as an extensive manufacturing area, research and development centre, warehouse and test spa. 

International growth in spa and wellness business

According to Natura Bissé’s CEO Verónica Fisas, Casa-Fábrica will encourage creativity and symbolises the company’s commitment to several key company goals, including: growth, internationalisation, innovation, sustainability, energy efficiency, quality and excellence.

“The Casa-Fàbrica represents our continuous evolution and future projection. It has been designed as a building for today and tomorrow: innovative, efficient, sustainable and collaborative,” Natura Bissé CEO Verónica Fisas told European Spa. 

“It highlights not only Natura Bissé’s business character, but also our way of understanding life and work. It’s a reflection of what we do, but, above all, of who we are,” she added.

Verónica Fisas, Natura Bisse
Natura Bisse Group CEO Verónica Fisas is proud to launch the brand's purpose-built Casa-Fábrica headquarters located at Barcelona’s Synchrotron Park

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Soul of Natura Bissé

According to TdB founding partner architect Juan Trias de Bes, the project was “conceived with the aim of bringing skincare production and the spa experience closer together”. 

Housed in a ‘light and sophisticated’ structure with diaphanous spaces and light forms,’ the building has been designed to reflect the ‘Mediterrenean spirit engrained in Natura Bissé’s DNA’, and drew inspiration from the soft, delicate textures of the brand’s products and treatments.

Natura Bissé
Casa-Fábrica headquarters in Barcelona was designed by TdB Arquitectura and features a spa where new products and treatments can be developed and tested

Continuous evolution

Casa-Fábrica is located in Barcelona Synochrontron Park – Parc de l’Alba, a science, technology and business park. The park, a member of the EU’s Business & Biodiversity platform, was chosen by the company due to its green infrastructure, recycling facilities, sustainable mobility and social cohesion.

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